Veeam Cloud based Backup on Azure

Veeam Cloud based Backup on Azure

Veeam Cloud based Backup on Azure


Cloud Services | Client Location: South Africa


Client entity belongs to Government of Johannesburg who deals into public services.

Client is having on-prem VMware & Physical server infrastructure for Business-Critical Applications, Microsoft Exchange and Internal Portals. This infrastructure was hosting around 81 server all together with local backup solution in place.

Employees were using Fortinet VPN gateway to connect to on-prem while working from home during pandemic situation.

Business Challenge

Client was facing problem of backing up their servers and user machines on local backup setup due to storage limitations and high cost of investment for procuring new storage devices.


Team Sapizon assessed the total number of devices to be backed up and their criticality of being backed up with respect to available storage and devices.

Team advised to setup VEEAM based cloud backup on Azure to avoid unnecessary procurement of new backup devices and complexity of backup configuration and operation.

Backup Components:

  • Storage: Azure Blob storage.
  • Site-to-Site VPN for on-prem devices: Fortinet VPN
  • Site-to-Point VPN for users: Azure VPN
  • Backup Includes: Server, SQL and Oracle.
  • We also suggested the client best practices of backup and restore testing.

First, we setup Veeam backup & replication server, Azure Blob storage, Veeam Cloud Connect CSP on Azure with necessary network configuration. Then, tested communication with on-prem servers using Site-to-Site VPN.

Backup team then configured necessary backup jobs and schedules for different devices and enrolled one test device to check by firing a backup job. Test backup was successful which also tested by restoring on virtual machine.

Team then started migrating servers and users by installing Veeam backup agent for endpoints within a week of time. Once, all machines enrolled to Veeam Cloud Backup, backup jobs then tested one by one as per schedule (due to limited WAN connectivity).


Cost Saving:
Client appreciated our efforts for saving the cost of new backup devices and setup robust cloud backup solution.

Ease of Operation:
Backup team conveyed the ease of operations for their daily task which is not now complex and very easy to manage.

Client is now having flexibility to test restore any time on fly based on business requirement.

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