VR/AR Development Company In Australia

VR/AR Development Company In Australia

VR/AR Development Company In Australia

VR/AR Development Company In Australia

It is a technological era that we are living in. Every invention in the 21st century has surprised human civilization. It was hard to fathom things like talking robots and virtual assistants three to four decades back. But as time went on, we started to see possibilities in everything.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two modern technologies that are majorly contributing to shaping a successful business in recent times. In Australia, the business industry has been competitive. They take pride in being the best at everything. Therefore they have started using the AR/VR platform to enhance their businesses.

Statistics from surveys in mainland Australia have suggested that more than 55% of Australia’s large businesses are using AR/VR. A large chunk of these companies is based in Melbourne and Sydney.

The development of an AR/VR application is not an easy task that you can just wake up and do. There is an array of hardware and software complexities you might not be familiar with. Hence, it requires experts from the field to do it for you. It is quite evident that you are looking for an AR/VR company. You are in the perfect place.

We, at Sapizon Technologies, are providing our services as an AR/VR development company in Australia. We have helped our clients enhance their business and provide their customers with an immersive experience through these technologies. Here is a brief enlightenment of the services we provide in AR/VR.

Augmented Reality Apps

An Augmented Reality application can be fun to use. The basic function of an AR technology is to overlay a real-time digital 3D content in the physical environment of the user with a camera or GPS. This gives the user an immersive experience which also makes it easy for him to understand whatever you are promoting through your app.

Sapizon Technologies is one of the leading Augmented Reality development company in Australia. We have developed AR applications for business across different industries. Here is a brief run-down of the businesses we have offered our services in.

AR Apps for Education:

Augmented Reality has made teaching and learning more engaging than ever before. Learning new and complex subjects has been more interactive compared to the conventional learning method.

Sydney has been one of the top cities in Australia in the education domain. We are an AR/VR development company in Sydney. We have developed AR apps in education that have made it really easy for learners as they can get attracted to interesting subjects and understand complex information in detail.

AR Apps for Manufacturing:

AR apps in manufacturing have accelerated the overall production process. They offer significant assistance in identifying flaws that occur during production and rectify them immediately.

Using an AR app, you can access business-related data easily. You can also save time and resources spent on maintenance. We have developed several AR apps that have contributed to making manufacturing easy.

AR Apps for Retail Businesses:

AR apps have transformed the way retail businesses are run. They allow an online customer to have an in-store like experience that will keep engaged all the time.

This also helps them to make better judgments and choices for their purchase which avoids the possibility of return or exchange of products. We are actively developing AR apps in retail to help our clients improve their businesses.

AR Apps for Design and Architecture:

In design and architecture, it can be difficult to explain a client your designs. As talented as Australian architects are, AR apps have made this job a lot easier. By giving your clients access to your AR app, you can enlighten their vision to a large extent.

With the help of real-time 3D graphics and images, users can modify your existing designs and decide what satisfies them. We develop AR apps in design and architecture to give the users an improvised experience.

AR Apps for Entertainment:

Augmented Reality has already made its mark on the entertainment industry with widespread success across the globe. Pokemon Go has been a prime example defining the success of AR apps in the industry. AR has also been extensively used in promotional campaigns. We develop AR apps in entertainment to provide users with an immersive experience.

We are one of the best AR development companies in Australia. Apart from the above-mentioned industries, we also provide AR development services in real estate, healthcare, training, sales, etc.

Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual Reality apps have also been gaining a steady market globally in recent times. They provide users with an immersive experience with a real-time sense of a virtual world.

A combination of device graphics and real-time simulations creates a fully superimposed virtual environment. The user gets to control these simulations using head-mounted devices (HMDs).

Businesses have gradually begun to add VR in their applications as it constantly gains traction. We, at Sapizon Technologies, are providing our services as a Virtual Reality development company in Australia. Here is a briefing about the industries we have provided our services in.

VR Apps for Education:

VR apps help learners understand subjects in greater detail than ever. There is a new zeal of excitement to learn about space by being in space. Although virtual, it presents the learner with real-time immersions which makes everything appear real. Other instances include going back to historical places virtually and obtaining a real-time sense of them.

The introduction of AR/VR apps has led to a significant evolution in the education field. We develop VR apps in education to help learning become a fun experience.

VR Apps for Gaming:

Virtual Reality has revolutionized the gaming world. It offers users with immersive virtual objects in an imaginary physical environment. VR apps have immensely enhanced a gamer’s experience.

With the use of high-quality 3D graphics and modern VR headsets, users get a different thrill in the game. Recently, VR gaming apps have been gaining a steady pace in gaming trends. We are developing VR apps in gaming to provide users next level of experience.

VR Apps for Healthcare:

VR apps in healthcare are often used by doctors and medical teams to conduct a training and to collaborate with colleagues for complex surgeries. VR apps are widely used to train medical interns and make them familiar with certain delicate procedures.

Healthcare has been able to avoid time consumption with the help of VR. It can entail a person’s medical history in advance. This helps the doctor understand the pros and cons accordingly to provide appropriate treatment.

Melbourne is one of the top cities in the healthcare system in Australia. Sapizon Technologies is a leading AR/VR development company in Melbourne. We are developing VR apps in healthcare to ensure the health system is boosted.

VR Apps for Real Estate:

The biggest advantage VR brings to the real estate industry is it saves time and resources. They are arguably two of the most important assets of a real estate business. Further, VR apps help realtors market their products with minimal investment.

Suppose a client has multiple options to choose from. You can give them a virtual tour of properties with the help of VR headsets. This will give them clarity about which property they prefer. The process of visiting every property physically can be exhausting, expensive, and also time-consuming.

Hence, VR apps have a huge scope in the real estate market. We develop VR apps in real estate to help our clients give their business a boost.

We, at Sapizon Technologies, are one of the leading Virtual Reality companies in Australia. Our services in VR are not limited to the above-mentioned industries and are extended to e-commerce, retail, defence, and tourism industries.

Tools we use for AR/VR development: 

  • Vuforia
  • Oculus
  • Google VR
  • Wikitude
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • ARKit
  • ARCore

Sapizon Technologies is the best AR/VR development company in Australia. We have highly skilled AR/VR developers with the best tools in place. We have completed more than 200 projects successfully. Our sole focus is on helping our clients enhance their businesses and achieve desired results.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.