AR/VR Development Company in California

AR/VR Development Company in California

AR/VR Development Company in California

AR VR Development Company in California

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have revolutionized the global business industry with their captivating nature. Seldom has any other technology created a similar impact in such a short period. Because of the revenue and ROI they generate, AR/VR is in high demand everywhere including California.

To help you develop the best AR/VR applications, you can rely upon Sapizon Technologies. We are one of the best Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality development companies in California. Our team of developers is proficient with vast experience in this domain.

We have developed the most surreal AR/VR apps by VR Development Company for our clients in different industry verticals. Operating under a result-driven approach, our primary focus is to enhance our client’s businesses and to help them achieve new heights.

As we are already aware, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality consist of 3D graphics, animations, overlays, and simulations. The development of these requires abundant expertise and the best tools. We make use of only the best tools recommended by industry experts.

How is AR/VR beneficial to your business? 

A Better Form of Understanding

Sometimes, you find it hard to explain to the clients about your product. This problem can be resolved quite easily with simple AR/VR applications. A human brain is more attentive and attracted to pictorial representations compared to theoretical explanations.

The 3D graphic elements and real-time simulations induce a level of excitement. It is easier for anyone to engage and understand with the immersive technology. Hence, an enhanced way of presenting your product can help your client understand it better.

Rich and Immersive Experience

The most classic example of users getting the best experience is Pokemon Go (AR) and Warzone (VR). Both these gaming applications conquered the hearts of gamers. The unparalleled success they have achieved is a testimony to the thrilling experience provided.

This feature is not limited to the gaming industry. Education can be made more interesting with AR/VR content adding the desired fun element. Amusement parks and movie theatres also benefit from this as it enhances the quality of the entertainment.

Detailed Visuals and Analytics

AR/VR gives users the most staggering visuals which detail the study terms. It is often difficult to focus on certain details in the conventional method.

Features of high-end visuals are very helpful in retail and manufacturing industries where users can concentrate on minute factors using AR/VR.

User-Friendly Content

Though AR/VR is composed of complex overlays and codes, it is easier to use. AR/VR applications are often focused to cater to the user’s requirement. The 3D content generated in these applications is a treat to the user. It gives them a clear message about the product or service.

The top Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality development companies in California focus on enriching user-experience by developing enthralling applications.

Services We Provide

We are providing AR/VR development services and solutions in the following market segments:


AR/VR has benefited the healthcare industry in more than one way. Doctors are finding it easier to diagnose complex health conditions. MRI/CT scans produce accurate results in real-time which can accelerate the treatment procedure.

With AR/VR apps in healthcare, surgeons have found it easier to implement critical operation techniques and collaborate with colleagues via conferencing. Apart from this, these technologies have proved helpful in the training of medical interns.


Education has been made easier and more fun with the use of AR/VR apps in education. From getting familiar with complex projects to understanding complex subjects, the process of learning gets a significant boost.

Using a VR headset, learners can be placed in an environment of their subject of study. For instance, an aura like space can be created for astronomy students where they can analyze constellations in greater depth.

Similarly, biology students can study different human organs and anatomy in detail.


The concept of returning and exchanging products can be eliminated with the use of AR/VR in retails. Using an AR app, you can gauge your product very carefully and analyze all its potential shortcomings from the comfort of your couch.

It allows you to select different sizes, customizations, colors, designs, etc. To summarize, AR/VR apps in retail have made shopping incredibly convenient for consumers and improved the quality of choice-making to a large degree.


AR/VR apps in entertainment are the trend of the day. In recent times, be it highly exhilarating VR games or the thrill of an action movie in 3D, entertainment has been at its best.

VR games like Warzone and Jurassic World are the talk of the town with some of the best 3D animations and real-time simulations. Users are treated to a breath-taking experience contributing to the great success the entertainment industry has achieved.

Theatre fanatic intellectuals are also treated to a completely immersive experience with the use of AR in theatrical plays. Apart, VR generated themes Virtual 3D roller-coaster is a ride that has been very popular among youngsters.


In the real estate industry, realtors work very hard to ensure their clients can purchase the property of their choice. AR/VR apps in real estate ease up the task for both realtors and clients with the virtual tour feature.

If you are a realtor, you want to give multiple-choice options to your client. With the help of VR, you can give your client a virtual tour of every property they have on their radar. This can help them narrow down to what they are interested in.

Later, you can take them on a physical tour of the properties they prefer and finalize the deal. This saves time and resources for both you and your client. It also helps you smoothly conduct your business.

With the effective streamlining of thrilling applications, we are also providing our services in the training, marketing, and manufacturing industries.

We are one of the leading VR Development Company offering our services in all cities of California like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose.

About Us 

Sapizon Technologies is one of the best Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Development Companies in California. We started in 2015 with the objective of helping our clients boost their businesses with the latest technologies.

With innovative and experienced developers in our ranks, we have streamlined our services across different industry verticals. Having completed more than 150 projects, we have achieved significant recognition in this domain.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.