Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in Columbus

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in Columbus

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in Columbus

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in Columbus

Have you finally decided to integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into your business? If yes, then you are making the right call. The market worth of AR/VR applications is growing exponentially every day and businesses in almost every prominent domain are benefiting from it.

These technologies offer rich and enhanced experiences to the users gradually uplifting the reputation of businesses that have integrated with them. A large percentage of customers these days prefer the convenience offered by AR/VR Apps as opposed to the conventional Apps.

To ensure you garner all these benefits, you need to develop Top-quality AR/VR Applications. It can be a challenging task if you do not possess professional in-house Augmented and Virtual Reality App Developers. This is where one needs to consider outsourcing.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development require high-level skills which can be offered by organizations that possess seasoned AR/VR Developers. At Sapizon Technologies, we are considered one of the Top AR/VR App Development Companies in Columbus.

While Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications have made a significant impact in fields like Entertainment, Healthcare, Education, etc., there are certainly a few more valiant contributions they are making in various fields. Here is an elaboration:

Engineering with AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are now allowing designers’ and engineers’ creations to be experienced even before they move into production. 

Clients, architects, and business analysts can now explore their creations from a direct perspective. This allows them the space to revamp their creations without constructing a wall or any obstacles. 

Aviation engineers at major corporations like Space X and Blue Origin are now able to develop 3D blueprints of their designs. These blueprints possess greater detailing and portray seamless understanding shared across different teams.

This propels the scope for broader collaboration amongst professionals. In this arena, AR and VR Applications are already at their peak and are likely to do more heavy lifting as technological evolutions unravel.

Field Service

AR/VR is making its way up in field service rapidly. We are all mostly aware of how remote services are offered on Microsoft Teams or Google Meet Applications. However, remote assistance has gone up several notches with the integration of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Through AR solutions like Vuforia Chalk, a Field Service Expert can show their camera view onto something like complex plumbing, an engine, or other hands-on activities that they usually perform. From the other end, the Technical Expert can assist.

From the same display, they can draw on top of a camera’s view and aid by identifying a faulty part or specific item in view.

Advertising Through AR/VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have transformed the mode of advertising in many ways. The foundation of Google, Facebook, and other Tech giants’ business models is advertising. 

Businesses are always looking to determine what a consumer is most likely to buy based on their search history. It has virtually become a staple of the Tech sector. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are seen as rich and enhanced prospects in possibilities for marketing executives.

For instance, their dynamic invention of google goggles allows users to merely point their phone’s the camera at a storefront or restaurant to see its contact details, hours of operation, and even user reviews. Businesses can market their products comprehensively with such software.

Furnishing with AR/VR

Turning a house into a home has become much easier and effortless than before. IKEA’s place App is one most popular and trusted applications for home furnishing and décor. This app now comes with Augmented Reality features.

The Application’s main function is to place an AR marker-based object into a user’s house through the camera of his/her device. This will allow users to select a chair or couch and place it in their home area. It gives them an idea about how it would look and the approximate space needed for the item.

For instance, with the Augmented Reality feature, you can place chairs and tables in your living room to see how it looks before buying it. This convenience allows you to make the right choice.

Choosing The Right To Outsource AR/VR App Development Services

To Outsource Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Services, you can rely on us at Sapizon Technologies. Considered one of the Best AR/VR App Development Companies in Columbus, we possess highly experienced and skilled developers who deliver captivating applications for our clients.

We are an ideal choice for you because:

  • We possess multi-domain experience.
  • Use of the best industry-recommended tools and platforms.
  • Implement the best development practices that are seen in AR/VR.
  • Result-driven approach.
  • Use of the best hardware related to AR/VR/MR.
  • Relevant Testing and Support for AR/VR Applications.

Ever since we started, we have completed more than 100 successful projects across multiple domains. For a detailed briefing about how our services will benefit your business, book a free consultancy with our experts.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.