Practo App Development cost

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Practo? 

Practo App Development cost

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Practo? 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Practo? 

The mobile app development domain has advanced and expanded rapidly in recent years. Most of the industries have resorted to implementing a mobile app for their respective business. Among these, the health care industry is also closely following this trend. 

According to statistics from leading healthcare organizations around the globe, mobile apps have redefined the conventional way of communication between a doctor and patients. And because healthcare is a domain that is busy every season of the year, mobile apps have come as a lifesaver. 

Majorly successful healthcare mobile apps like Practo have allowed patients to seek treatment for several conditions without having to visit a doctor’s clinic. This has prompted many healthcare organizations to replicate the idea and gain a competitive edge in the market

What is Practo? 

Practo is one of the leading online healthcare mobile apps providing quality solutions be it finding the right doctor, giving patients quick appointments, scheduling tests on time, and purchase of medicines online at the doorstep. 

Mobile apps like Practo are in huge demand because of the convenience it provides patients particularly when emergency treatments are required. Sometimes, a patient wants to seek advice from a certain but cannot visit him. This is where Practo helps both parties. 

Why You Should Consider Launching an App Like Practo?

 The main purpose of a mobile app like Practo is to allow users to access healthcare services online from wherever they are. And one thing that every business stakeholder is noticing is the progress of this app along with its success rate. According to randomly collected statistics, Practo has registered a growth of more than 500% through video consultations since the pandemic began in 2020. And more than 60% of the users were new to this mobile app. Thus, market experts are suggesting organizations stand to gain a lot from such an app

However, building a telemedicine mobile app is more complex than you know. Every organization needs to figure how they will make their app work. And if they are going by the Practo model, what unique features will they offer to users? Most of all, it is important to find out an estimated development cost for a telemedicine mobile app. Here are a few features for telemedicine apps that will give you a reasonable idea about the costs. 


For a mobile app like Practo, users will need multiple login options. While logging in through email and phone numbers could be the primary options, allowing them to log in through social media platforms like Facebook or through Google makes the experience better.

In fact, most customers these days expect all these options in the login feature of a mobile app.

Help Screens:

This feature is designed to assist the users in understanding the features and functionalities of an app like Practo. Help Screens are essential because telemedicine apps are very few and most people would not be aware of how best they can use them.

Find and Book:

This is a user-friendly feature designed for users to book an appointment with doctors, dentists, wellness experts, etc. The find and book feature enables users can filter different options and book their appointment according to preferences.

This is very helpful for users who are looking for specialists like dentists, orthopedics, eye specialists, etc.


The ‘search’ feature is a must for almost every application these days. It allows users to search for healthcare-related places like clinics, spas, salons, gyms, yoga centers, etc.


The ‘consult’ feature enables both the patient and doctor to communicate in real-time via messages or even via calls. This is a crucial feature in telemedicine apps as it allows users to connect with a doctor devoid of time constraints.


This is a dynamic feature that enables doctors to post informative blogs on the app that will help people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This feature is known to be very popular among Practo users and increases the demand for the app.

Online Purchase Medicines:

This feature is designed to enable users to order medicines through the app and get them delivered home. The ‘online purchase’ feature is also supposed to offer discounts to users on medicine purchases.

How to Create an App Like Practo?

Here are a few aspects that you need to consider to create an app like Practo:

Compatible App Platform:

This can be a major factor in cost-determination for you. While any developer would prefer his or her app to function on both Android and iOS devices, it is important to start with one especially if you are a startup.

While there is a significant difference in writing backend code for these platforms, Android mobile app development for this type of app is known to cost higher compared to iOS.

App Design:

Design is the most important stage of mobile app development. If you have a user-friendly design, it is easier for you to attract more users with an app, Thus, you will need professional mobile app designers to take charge of this.

Add-On Technologies:

When you a mobile app, you want it to do well when it is launched in the market. And it prompts you to use the best technologies during development. This can be

a major factor for costing as the cost could go high if you are looking to use advanced technologies as add-ons.


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