How we can reduce the cost for SaaS customer support?


How we can reduce the cost for SaaS customer support?

Are you looking for How we can reduce the cost of SaaS customer support?

we are one of the top saas solutions providers who have 50+ combined years of experience. Customer Support has become an extremely crucial part of every SaaS company. If we go by what the global trends suggest, more than 60% of customers tend to change their choice of product because of a poor or unsatisfying Customer Support.

The product by itself is very rarely the reason for the failure of customer retention.  And to be wholly fair, providing your Customer Base with a flawless and exemplary Customer Support system will be financially draining. Especially if you have recently started and do not own a royal treasury.

This will compel you to compromise the quality of your support system which could ultimately result in the sinking of your business. But there is always a solution to everything. Every SaaS company is conscious of the importance of cost cutting. It is no secret that everyone is in the business to earn money.

But not everyone is completely mindful of how it can be achieved without compromising the quality of services.

Our teams of Sapizon Technologies are well apt and trained for these instances. And it happens quite often because most SaaS companies are giving a lot of thought on cutting their Customer Support costs. We help our clients to provide the best services in a cost-effective manner.

We can suggest a few strategies that are adopted by us for the successful implementation of the same.


Many times, customers encounter a very simple bug or some straightforward technical issue. This does not necessarily require them to even contact the Customer Support team. Installation of a Chatbot interfaced with UI could help you streamline and simplify your services in a cost-effective way. The only effort required on our part is to analyze and recognize the most prevalent issues faced by the user. And then channelize the automated responses to those issues accordingly. This enables customers to get their issues fixed. It is important to program the automated responses in such a way that the issue is resolved.


This strategy entreats your customer to an adequate piece of information about the product. It is similar to the FAQs used in applications but a better version of it. It is not limited to answering the most basic and common queries. It can guide the customer through convoluted matters. The responses have to be automated as links to videos, images, or GIFs. A full tutorial of every possible conundrum could be created and linked to the knowledge base. This would help the customer get more acquainted with problem-solving and make it more convenient for you as far as providing support is concerned.


This process can speed up the CRM and help you pass on tickets at a brisk pace. It involves providing the customer support agents a program which helps them to identify the issues the customer base is having and resolve the tickets received in an efficient way. It prevents time consumption and also the monetary transactions made for the integration of tickets.


An active presence on social media is significant to the growth and success of every business these days. It is the fastest medium through which any kind of information can be circulated like wildfire. This is where we suggest you to cash in. Since almost every business has accounts on social media, it is high time that they are put to productive use. It effectively reduces the support costs and also helps you satisfy your customer base. Creating a channel or page specifically for providing support on social media will also serve you well and help enhance the quality of your services.

The above-mentioned techniques have been proved highly influential in boosting network traffic and also in customer retention.


Sapizon Technologies team consists of highly esteemed professionals who strive to achieve client satisfaction with their creative ideas. We can all work together and solve any issues related to support, and by giving services to global clients in each and every corner of the globe, we became one of the best SaaS solutions providers in the world.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.