Infrastructure as a Service: All You Need to Know

Infrastructure as a Service: All You Need to Know

Infrastructure as a Service: All You Need to Know

Infrastructure as a Service: All You Need to Know

Infrastructure as a Service, more commonly known as IaaS, is a method of deploying computing infrastructure that is hosted on a cloud platform. One of the four cloud services, IaaS can scale up and down quickly based on demand. It is considered one of the major advantages of this service.

With cloud services becoming mainstream in the IT industry, IaaS holds plenty of prominence along with SaaS, PaaS, and serverless. Business organizations have benefited from IaaS as it has helped avoid redundancies like buying and managing their own physical hardware.

At Sapizon Technologies, we are one of the Best Cloud Service Providers. We manage the infrastructure of our clients that involves the design, deployment, and management for different business requirements.

Let us run you through some use cases of IaaS in businesses:

Testing and Development

IaaS enables you to set up team teams in quick time. These teams dismantle test and development environments which allow you to bring new applications to the market faster. You can scale your test environments up and down quickly and economically. This increases your profitability.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is known to be of the most important elements in a development system. And if your business is a startup, running websites through web hosting can be slightly expensive for you. With IaaS, you can run your website at a less expensive rate compared to traditional web hosting.

Storage and Recovery

Storage and recovery are critical elements for your business especially if you are a large organization. If stats are anything to go by, most businesses avoid the capital outlay for backup and storage.

This is primarily because it requires a skilled and experienced workforce to meet data management and compliance requirements. IaaS can be instrumental in handling storage needs that are increasing and also helps in the seamless management of recovery.

Web Applications

IaaS provides businesses with the entire infrastructure that is necessary to support web applications. This includes storage, web servers, application servers, and networking resources. By deploying web apps on IaaS, businesses can scale infrastructure up and down based on demand.

Big Data Analysis

Big data refers to large data sets that consist of various patterns, trends, and associations. To decode or locate these patterns, mining of data is necessary. As it requires an enormous amount of processing power, IaaS can be used to generate it economically.

Advantages of IaaS

Here are a few major advantages of IaaS for business organizations:

Eliminates Capital Expenses

With IaaS, you can avoid investing in the set-up of an on-premise data center. This is a major advantage for startups, organizations trying out new ideas, and also for people who have limited resources to get started with.

Rapid Innovation

IaaS can provide a Computing Infrastructure in rapid time which is usually a few minutes or hours. This allows you to accelerate the production or development of a product you have decided to launch. Without IaaS, setting up Infrastructure ready could take days, weeks or even months.

Responds to Changes Quickly

As we know, demand is not constant. It keeps going up and down from time to time. IaaS allows you to quickly scale up your resources to meet the rising demand and also scale them down quickly when there is a downward spiral in demand. This is a productive way to save resources.

Improves Business Continuity

For any business organization, achieving business continuity can be expensive because of the workforce and infrastructure it requires. However, with the right SLAs in effect, IaaS can help you achieve this by not costing you as much.

Along with business continuity, it helps you achieve high availability and also provides the option of disaster recovery. It allows you to access data and applications during an outage.

Provides Better Security

Having a vigilant security system is imperative for businesses to safeguard their data and prevent any malicious attacks on their system. Again, with the right IaaS design, it can provide a robust security system for your data and applications. Secured by multilayer security measures; your system is safe from breaches.

Maintenance and Upgrade

IaaS ensure that your infrastructure is always reliable and meets the SLAs that are in place. It allows you to forego regular upgrades of a hosted solution.

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