Mobile App Beta Testing Services

Mobile App Beta Testing Services

Mobile App Beta Testing Services

Mobile App Beta Testing Services

Beta testing is a type of acceptance testing that is known to be a vital phase in mobile application development. There is a lot of difference between Android apps and iOS apps because of the contrasting variations concerning the device features.

While iOS devices widely carry the same standard, android devices are majorly divergent in many ways. This includes different programming languages, operating systems, hardware, and screen resolutions. Therefore, you are obliged to upgrade your testing practices.

Sapizon Technologies is one of the best software testing companies you can find. We render our services with effective planning and productive strategies to help our clients deliver the best software applications.

We are accustomed to rendering beta testing services in which our team of software testers acts as end-users or recruit representative users to determine if an application comprises any shortcomings or escaped defects.

Importance of Beta Testing

Beta testing is crucial for your application in more than one way. Considering the stiff competition in the mobile application domain, the primary purpose of beta testing is to ensure the improved customer experience.

The importance of beta testing is defined through the following points

  • You can evaluate the overall experience of your application from a user point of view.
  • Functional testing is conducted indirectly on a neutral level which helps you rectify the escaped defects.
  • You can find a balanced solution to ensure usability criteria meets the majority of the audience.
  • Beta testing allows you to observe if the application is behaving abnormally when actual users are running it. You can use this as an opportunity for amendments that might have been missed earlier.
  • Through user feedback, you can also evaluate the overall performance of the application which includes features like speed and scalability.

Steps to Follow

To achieve the desired results with expected precision, we emphasize on certain aspects to carry out beta testing with maximum efficiency.

Here are a few of them

  • To decide how many representative users are required.
  • Choosing the right type of representative users so that we receive constructive feedback to make necessary improvements.
  • Signifying a timeframe to complete the process. While it is important to ensure everything is thorough, we need to also make sure to avoid unnecessary time consumption.
  • Considering the opinions and suggestions of the users while also being selective as to how an application should be refined.

Top Platforms/Tools for Beta Testing

With our flawless beta testing services, we aim to deliver quality mobile applications that will thrive in the industry. To achieve this, we use some of the best tools/platforms to test Android and iOS devices.


TestFlight is an online tool/service which makes it easier for you to invite users to test your mobile applications. However, the use of TestFlight is limited to iOS devices only. You can invite users via email with a public link to the application.

Once they access the link, they can start using your application on various mobile iOS devices like an iPhone or an iPad. TestFlight allows these users to send their feedback directly from the app by just clicking a screenshot. You can view this in the feedback section of the application’s TestFlight page.

TestFlight is considered a very pleasant and user-friendly service with the only limitation of no support to android apps.


Crashlytics, as the name suggests, is primarily a crash reporting tool. Suppose the application crashes during a beta test, Crashlytics is your reliable virtual assistant. It collects all the details and analysis related to the crash.

This includes the logs which can help determine the errors which lead to the crash. Crashlytics is a widely used beta testing tool as it supports both Android and iOS applications.

If you are having second thoughts about the beta distribution of your app, Crashlytics is the right tool for you. It also consists of a feedback forum.


HockeyApp is a service/tool like TestFlight which enables you to recruit users and distribute your application for beta testing. Initially, HockeyApp started as an iOS-only tool. Later, it integrated with Android applications to gain a wider scope.

It is very popular as it consists of open-sourced libraries and provides detailed reports in case of a crash. It also holds credibility in providing user feedback and user metrics. The major limitation of HockeyApp is its inability to support test cases.


Ubertesters are considered a comprehensive tool for the management of beta tests for mobile apps. It offers you with a wider range of services like test cases support, crash logging, & screenshot editing. This gives utmost certainty that the beta test helps you deliver desired results cost-effectively.

Ubertesters supports both Android and iOS applications which widens the scope of its usage and popularity even more. It covers all the needs to conduct an optimal level of beta testing.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is now listing experimental versions of Android applications through beta programs that invite users for beta testing of these applications. Users who take part in these beta programs get an early version of unreleased applications they can use.

Although the beta version of your app may lack the stability that users get in the public version, Google Play Store is a great platform for you to conduct effective beta testing because of the wide array of users it attracts.

We agree with the popular notion that thorough and efficient beta testing of the mobile app before release holds in good stead. It keeps you aware of the developments and educates on what needs to follow to achieve success and ace your competitors.

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