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Popular VR Headsets to look for

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Popular VR Headsets to look for

VR is everywhere and advancing. You want to experience VR, then a VR headset is perfect. Every VR headset is promising and gives you a unique experience. Let us walk through a few promising ones.

A walk-through into various Headsets for impeccable VR experience

Virtual Reality blurs the gap between the reality and virtual world. Virtual reality is raging letting you experience reality beyond the words and the four walls of your spaces. The market is flooding with various innovation in VR that are spellbound. Watch your favourite concert or even take a virtual world tour from where you are sitting at your very comfort. 

All this offered with Virtual Reality can be explored with a high-quality headset or HMDs (Head-mounted Displays) as it is popularly known as. Even though immersive technology plays the prime focus while purchasing an HMD, it is also important to look for comfort wear too. 

As we skim through the various options we can buy from the market, here let us just walk through a few of the popular HMDs available nowadays. 

Google Cardboards: A slide-on HMDS, popular and simple one to purchase, if you want to experience a hassle-free VR. In Google Cardboards, the technology is simple, the slide-on utilizes the display, process and the tracking of the mobile device. Either construct it or purchase it from the popular vendors. Various apps such as immersive games, other VR experiences are available on the Google Play Store or App Store. Google Cardboards are low-end VR Platform supporting 3DoF. Google Cardboards apps are the official app designed by Google for both iOS and Android to get all the required immersive contents.

Third party HMDs: Many start-ups and high-end companies are fascinated by the Virtual Reality and how far people are coming up to explore the same, leading most of them to get their hands on various third-party HMDs which are low-end VR platforms, readily available on the go. Procus Pro, Aura VR Pro, Irusu Monster, WI Trance VR Headset, Voltac Virtual Reality Glasses, ShopAIS 2nd Gen Cardboard VR Headset are among the few that are booming in the market.  Most of them have built-in headsets, lightweight, some have gaming control remotes and sleek and comfortable designs that are equally impelling. Most of them are compatible with devices (iOS and Android) which can be used to download, Install VR Contents from Play Store or App Store and explore the same VR apps or games in these devices.

Samsung Gear VR: Powered by Oculus Store, Samsung Gear VR is yet another slide-on mid-range VR   which is popular in the market. Choose to watch anything from Netflix, YouTube to even playing games and even scuba dive, all in one gear. The standalone VR is the next-gen VR for those who want to experience the VR on the go.  Samsung Gear VR is compatible with all Samsung flagship mobile devices. The soft touchpad is comfy to use while you enjoy the VR with smoother positioning. The VR apps, experiences & games are available on the Oculus Store which on connecting the mobile device will automatically launch. With the support of the controller which is a trackpad, one can easily navigate into the Oculus Home interface where one can purchase or download the VR contents. 

Oculus Go: A Standalone high-end VR, that is designed to fit your rightly. Oculus Go lets you step into VR undeniably. More than thousands of apps and other VR contents readily available in the Oculus App which can be downloaded on your Apple Store as well as Google Play Store. Just connect the mobile using Bluetooth with the Oculus and take your next step into VR. The sleek controller lets you transform the real like movements into the actions in the Virtual reality.

Google Daydream: Powered by your phone, Google Daydream is your next step to VR. Supported by daydream-ready phones are mid-range VR platforms. One can download the Daydream app from the Google Play Store. The Daydream dream app guides and gives you plenty of options to explore VR contents. The controller is easy to use, just like a remote to the TV. Google Daydream is like a perspective VR, wherein you don’t explore your space but enjoy it rather being seated.

Oculus Rift: Oculus Rift, a high-end VR platform, directly lets you dive into the immersive world. The powerful window to the virtual reality, that lifts you into another world from your current one. Quite light and comfortable structure that is comfy and easy to use. The intuitive controls come quite handy and give you the right feel of the VR with the magic of touch and almost hand-like experience in the VR world. The sensors are powerful and allow you to explore the VR within the space outlined in the FOV. The spatial audio system lets you experience the immersive sound effects and 6DoF exploring the complete room scale. The VR contents are readily available in the Oculus Store which can be downloaded on your compatible PCs with the right configurations that support Oculus Rift VR contents.

HTC Vive: HTC Vive lets you explore VR choosing the right play area. Rejoice this high-end VR sitting, standing or even by moving around. Powered by SteamVR, where you can download the top VR games, experiences and apps on VIVEPORT and Steam on your PC. VIVEPORT is the app which contains all your VR apps and games. One can download the Vive software from the web on to the PC, which lets you access the VIVEPORT desktop app on your PC. Your computer needs the Vive software and the Steam software to let you experience the VR unhindered. Steam VR lets you set up the play area easily. Controllers work like joysticks. The smooth controllers let you explore VR quite effectively. HTC lets you experience lifelike motion ensuring smooth gameplay as well as realistic movement. The built-to-integrate convenience and safety, HTC Vive opens the gateway to a world beyond imagination.

Lenovo Mirage Solo: First Standalone Daydream high-end VR headset powered by Daydream OS. Let’s you explore VR untethered with experience without any phone or PC required and completely no sensors to detect. One can buy or install the VR contents easily from Google’s Daydream VR Platform. The inside-out tracking makes Lenovo Mirage Solo trendy.  The VR headset has no wires, no sensors or not much complexity to explore. The controller is small and sleek enough to hold and explore the VR. Lenovo Mirage lets you explore spaces, swiftly at your convenience like dodge, duck, jump and lean. Lenovo image is powered by the new technology World Sense that can sense the movement. Let’s you explore the collections of Daydream Apps as well as the ones powered by Word Sense tracking. With a perfect 110 FOV, VR -optimized LCD displays offering crystal content.

Every HMD or VR headset differs it its own way- be it affordability, technology or clarity as well as their immersive technology. All these become the gateway to your virtual world that will blur the line to the Virtual world. 

Just grab one and plug in yourself into the fantasy virtual world.

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