IT Support Company in California

IT Support Company in California

IT Support Company in California

Technical Support Company in California

If you are one of the businesses trying to stay on top, providing comprehensive customer and technical support to your customers is very much essential. With rapidly increasing competition in the global business industry, you need to ensure you are doing it right.

This has elevated the scope of outsourcing customer support services. Most companies are doing so for a consistent workflow and to improve the quality of services. Sapizon Technologies is a straightforward choice if you are looking to outsource your support services.

We are one of the top technical support companies in California. By delivering top-notch resolution in minimal time, we assist our clients amplify their businesses. We operate with result-driven approach and offer 24/7 end-to-end solutions.

Our technical support specialists are accomplishers with excellent skills to help business evolve and grow. They develop unique strategies and robust problem-solving methods to ensure an uninterrupted flow of quality services.

How do we provide quality support being a Technical Support Company in California

With dedicated professionals operating at the helm, we render our customer and technical support services through the following channels:


It is a convenient method of resolving customer issues with less hassles. According to our analysis, customers try to reach you through chat when the issue they are facing is not too complicated. It can be resolved in a very simple manner via chat.

Chat is a quick and easy channel to respond to customer queries and immediately and help them resolve issues.


Email is one of the main channels of support services. Customers reach out to you via email about issues with your product/service. Email is convenient particularly because of its asynchronous nature.

It gives trail for both the customers and the company which helps them track the status of the tickets raised. By following this process, it is easier to coordinate with customers and to achieve the desired results.

Email is handled manually by our dedicated support professionals who keep a tab on every ticket. They ensure all the tickets are followed up and issues are resolved without causing disruption in customer experience.


Using phone calls as a channel can benefit both, customers and support team. It allows you to communicate clearly and transparently with customers to deliver improved results. This increases the scope for providing effective resolutions in minimal time.

Customer support via phone also allows you to establish professionalism. The manner of response and interaction of your customer support team builds your reputation.

The best customer and technical support companies in California including us focus on maintaining a level of consistency during customer interaction.

Guided Support (Screen Share)

Guided support through screen share is a convenient method to resolve customer issues. This is very useful especially when users are not able to properly explain the issue they are facing. Screen share enables the user to share their screen with our customer support team so that they can decode the problem and find an ideal solution to it.

The customer can interact with our support agent in real-time as the problem resolved with both the parties having access to the screen. Through guided support, we have been able to understand technical issues better and deliver improved services to the customers.

Challenges you will face without Customer Support

Without an adequate customer support system, you face several challenges. Few of them may be:

  • Low customer retention due to unsatisfactory services.
  • Minimal customer satisfaction.
  • A decline in revenue and growth.
  • Unorganized and inconsistent interaction with customers.
  • Complexity in understanding customer needs.
  • Long resolution time with inconsistent results.
  • Low rate of profitability.
  • Lack of market knowledge.
  • Lack of direction related to product upgrades.

Being one of the leading IT support companies in California, we offer our services to ensure our clients do not face any support challenges.

Services We Provide

SaaS Solutions

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a method of delivering software to users on the internet. It can be accessed through different browsers and devices. Since there are so many devices and browsers accessing the delivered software, it requires adequate support.

We have been providing enterprising SaaS solutions to our clients across industries. By providing insightful 24/7 support services, we have achieved recognition as a leading customer and technical support company.

Digital Product

AR/VR devices, workstations, smart gadgets and consumer electronics all qualify as digital products. These products can encounter hardware or software issues over a period. Hence, an effective support system is required to resolve these issues.

We are actively providing digital product support to our clients. With devoted support professionals, we have given impressive solutions based on business demand.

Web Application

Thousands of users can access web application at a time. This can create web traffic which requires support. Maintenance of a web application and its upgrades require an efficient technical support system.

Responding to the tickets raised by customers in minimal time is very important to ensure they do not face interruptions in service. Our customer support team addresses this along with maintaining logs and monitoring the performance of your web application.

We are the pioneers in high-ranking web application support. Through proactive interactions, our excellent team of support specialists helps our clients improve their web apps.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are used by millions of users around the world. It is quite imperative that mobile apps require adequate support services. It is important to ensure that your app does not crash due to a breach.

An efficient customer support system will monitor the security of your app 24/7. Further, it will help you decide on the feature upgrades related to different devices.

We have helped our clients with the maintenance of their mobile apps with our mobile application support services.

AR/VR Solutions

As Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are giving dynamic business growth to various market segments, they require an efficient support system. We are providing end-to-end solutions for AR/VR support to help you create immersive and impactful content.

AR/VR Devices like HMDs, smart glasses, and kiosk systems are fragile in nature and tend to develop technical issues disrupting the flow of application. With our dedicated support team, we offer solutions to mitigate these issues and ensure the users are getting an uninterrupted experience.

Our services support popular platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboards and more. With our proactive service of 3D 360 solutions, several businesses have been able to operate at an optimal level. We support VR & AR authoring solutions to create amazing AR & VR experiences.

IT Helpdesk

Having an active helpdesk succor resolve common issues quickly. You can address user issues immediately and check the status of tickets. An IT helpdesk also assist you to monitor interactions with customers and guide customer support team for improvement. You can make changes based on the helpdesk data.

We are actively providing IT helpdesk services to our clients.

In California, we are offering customer and technical support services in all the cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose.

About Us

Sapizon Technologies is one of the Top Customer and Technical Support Company in California. We aim to assist our clients in enhancing their businesses and reaching new heights.

Having completed more than 100 projects, we have achieved recognition in the industry. Our accomplished team of customer support professionals is available 24/7 to answer your queries. We offer elite services at the best prices in the market.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.