IT Support Company in Detroit

IT Support Company in Detroit

IT Support Company in Detroit

For businesses looking to outsource IT Support Services to IT Support Company in Detroit, the level of services they require falls on one crucial end of the spectrum. This end involves providing services that constitute a general help-desk model covering maintenance, upgrades, and all types of Tech Support.

Considered one of the best outsourced IT Support Providers in Detroit, Sapizon Technologies has been efficiently rendering high-level Customer Support intending to enhance client businesses. We aim to constantly improve customer experiences by implementing unique Tech Support strategies.

The key factors one needs to gauge before choosing the right outsourced IT Service Provider Company are the number of channels through which support is rendered and also the quality of tools and platforms the desired company is using to render the services.

We offer comprehensive support through channels like:

Live Chat

Live chat has proved to be a highly convenient method of resolving customer issues with minimal hassles. As per statistics, customers try to reach businesses through live chat more than any other channel because of the quick response they get.

Even when a support agent is not available to respond for some reason, customers receive an automated response. For certain common issues, there are automated troubleshooting steps that customers can access via live chat to resolve their issues seamlessly.

Live chat is a channel that is active 24/7 and is always responsive. The waiting time concept is eliminated and customers can reach out to the support team whenever they want irrespective of the magnitude of the desired problem.


The phone has been used as a channel of seeking and providing customer support for a long time now. Every established IT Support Company in Detroit has an active working support team to take phone calls from customers and provide them with the necessary assistance.

This channel of support is known to benefit both customers and the Support Team. A support agent can communicate clearly and transparently with customers to deliver improved results. This increases the scope for providing accurate resolutions in quick time.

Customer Support via phone also allows you to establish your professionalism. The manner of response and interaction of your Customer Support Team helps build a friendly rapport with the customers.


Email support is one of the oldest channels of rendering Customer Support. Often, busy customers reach out to business owners via email because they cannot spare the time for interactions. Sometimes, emails are also focused on recurring issues with your product/service.

It is the asynchronous nature of emails that makes it more convenient for customers and IT Service providers. It provides a paper trail for both the customers and the company which helps them track the status of the tickets raised and follow them up.

By following this process, it is easier to coordinate with the customers proactively and also achieve the desired results. Each email is handled manually by support agents who keep a tab on every ticket.

These agents need to ensure that all the tickets are followed up and recurring issues are resolved without causing disruption in customer experiences.

Screen Share

Screen share is another channel through which support is conveniently rendered to customers. For remote IT Support Services, a large percentage of customers are known to prefer seeking support through screen share where support agents will guide customers about troubleshooting issues.

With an application like Microsoft Teams, it is easier to resolve issues remotely by connecting with customers via audio/video call. This can be used as a productive method of providing support to both hardware and software products.

We are considered one of the top IT Support Companies in Detroit, some of our core services in this domain are:

  • SaaS Application Support
  • Web Application Support
  • Mobile Application Support
  • Digital Product Support
  • VR/AR/MR Solutions
  • IT Helpdesk

Why Choose Us?

If you want to outsource the IT Helpdesk and other Support Services to IT Support Company in Detroit, we are an ideal choice for you. Here are the reasons for that:

  • We provide multi-channel support.
  • We possess multi-domain expertise.
  • The combined experience of 50+ years.
  • We implement proven support strategies.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Result-driven approach.

For a more detailed briefing about how our services will be beneficial to your business, you can book a free consultancy with our IT support experts.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.