lT Support Company in Dubai

lT Support Company in Dubai

IT Support Company in Dubai

lT Support Company in Dubai

It is a known fact that Dubai is one of the largest business hubs in the world. A large chunk of Dubai’s entrepreneurs are immigrants who have come from all around the world. Because of the remarkable success Dubai has achieved in tourism, you can start a business of any kind and achieve success here.

Having said that, it is important to recognize that the basic business rulebook must be followed irrespective of where you are doing the business. A simple reason for this is every business industry has been witnessing vigorous competition. The IT industry has been no different.

Dubai has been one of the top cities around the world making a mark in technological advancement. Several leading global IT companies have been conducting business here. One of the key factors of achieving success here is customer appeasement.

Statistics from surveys conducted all over UAE have suggested that more than 70% of customers are not satisfied with the support services they are getting. More than 50% defect from a product they are using because of this reason.

This is what makes Customer and Technical Support crucial. As there are already plenty to ponder for IT companies, they outsource their customer support services to experts who specialize in it. Their objective is to make it more effective. Companies in the UAE also do the same.

Choosing the right IT Support Company in Dubai could be a dilemma for you, but no need to look any further than Sapizon Technologies. We have been providing our services as a customer and technical support company in Dubai. We offer various support services to different businesses.

Before we dive into that, let us first understand the importance of support.

What is customer and technical support?

Customer and Technical Support refer to providing the customers with assistance regarding issues they have while using a product or service.

Every product or service encounters few issues occasionally which could cause inconvenience to the user. This is when the customers try to reach you through your customer support system. Resolution of customer complaints can be done in many ways like chat, phone calls, e-mail, service request or guided remote assistance.

Why is customer and technical support important?

While it is important to be there for your customers when they need you, there is much more to customer support than only that. Providing efficient customer support services benefits your company in many ways.

Here are few factors that determine the importance of customer and technical support:


Your customer support team is the first point of contact between you and your customers. As we described earlier, customers try to reach you whenever they have a problem with your product or service.

Your support agents are representing you when they interact with customers to resolve their issues. The quality of interaction and resolution determine the customer’s opinion about your services. Hence, it is important to ensure you have an effective support team.

Customer retention:

It is no secret that when a customer is satisfied with your product and services, he will always come back. Your customer retention rate can say a lot about the pace at which you are progressing.

Companies that retain even 10% or even their existing customers are considered successful. If that is not enough, retaining even 5% of your customers will result in an increase in profits by at least 25%.

As statistics have suggested, customers churn from a product because of unsatisfactory customer services. Therefore, it is important providing efficient support services to ensure you retain your customers.

Top customer and technical support companies in UAE have placed large emphasis on customer retention.


Every major business decision you make primarily revolves around profits. After all, everyone is in it for the money. Data received from random surveys in Dubai have suggested that customers do not hesitate to pay more for your product if you are providing adequate customer support.

By enhancing your customer support system cost-effectively, you can increase your profits significantly. We, at Sapizon, offer high-quality support services and charge our clients with fair rates.

Loyalty and references:

High-quality customer services with quick resolution of problems inspire a sense of loyalty among customers. This can also induce customers to refer you to others which in turn generate new leads and these leads can quickly convert into customers. Further, you can win their loyalty which can lead to those customers recommending your services. This is how you can increase up-sales. We, at Sapizon, ensure to attain customer loyalty and increased sales.

Gives you an advantage:

An efficient customer support system helps you to know your customer and understand their requirements. You can gain an advantage over your competitors by designing your product updates accordingly.

This will help you keep yourself up to date with the trends. It also goes a long way in helping you achieve customer success.

We, at Sapizon Technologies, is the best lT Support Company in Dubai. We focus on the above-mentioned key elements to help achieve customer satisfaction.

Services we provide

We provide the following customer and technical support services:

SaaS Solutions:

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a method of delivering licensed software to users who can access it on any device through the internet. In recent times, SaaS companies have become mainstream in the business industry.

Because there are multiple browsers and devices that are used to access the delivered software deployed, the market for SaaS is increasing constantly. Since millions of users are accessing the platform, adequate customer support is must to have.

We, at Sapizon, have achieved significant recognition in providing SaaS solutions. 

Digital Product Support:

When you are selling digital products, you are looking to build a brand image. To achieve this, you need to ensure you are providing effective customer support for your products. It ensures customer loyalty and also gives the customer a better experience of your product.

We, at lT Support Company in Dubai, provide 24/7 support for digital products like AR/VR devices, IoT devices, smart gadgets, workstations, network devices, consumer electronics, etc.

Web Application Support:

In this era of evolving technologies, web applications are the key to ensure your business has a wide reach. With web applications, your business is not limited to a certain geographic area but accessible to users who are miles away from you. While it certainly is a productive investment, it should be provided with an apt support system.

The security, integrity, and compatibility features are crucial for the effective functioning of web apps. By providing 24/7 support and monitoring, Sapizon has been a pioneer in web application support.

Mobile Application Support:

Millions of users around the world use mobile devices. Almost 90% of them use at least 10 mobile applications on their smartphones and tablets. Constant usage and continuous network mean apps will encounter technical problems. Hence, adequate support is needed for mobile apps.

Developers are not always aware of what customer requirements are with an app. It makes it difficult for them to respond to user demands. Having an efficient technical support team can solve this issue as they can be up to date with customer requirements.

We, at Sapizon, have been instrumental in helping our clients improve their businesses with high-quality mobile application support.

AR/VR Support:

AR/VR software solutions and hardware devices have been widely used across all industries in recent times. Since it has gained a sharp surge, providing technical support is very important. AR/VR are immersive technologies of complex nature.

Due to this, customers tend to encounter certain difficulties whilst using them. To help overcome these difficulties, we provide high-quality support. We have end-to-end strategies in place to get resourceful services.

We are known as  lT Support Company in Dubai, UAE providing our clients with AR/VR support.

IT Helpdesk & Monitoring:

An IT helpdesk offers instant solutions to first level problems. These kinds of issues can be resolved with a remote connection to the user’s computer or over a phone call. With a good IT helpdesk, you can provide the best services to your internal as well as external customers. IT also provides constant monitoring to your business-critical applications, servers etc.

We have been providing the best IT helpdesk & monitoring services in Dubai for long now.

Sapizon Technologies is one of the top lT Support Company in Dubai. We have highly skilled support professionals who strive hard 24/7 to help our clients improve their business armed with the best tools and technology. We have completed more than 100 projects successfully. Our services are offered to clients across different business verticals.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.