IT Support Company in Washington

IT Support Company in Washington

IT Support Company in Washington

IT Support Company in Washington

In a bid to improve businesses in this highly competitive era, businesses in Washington have relied a great deal on customer and technical support companies. We, at Sapizon Technologies, are one of the best IT Support Company in Washington.

Our primary aim is to help our clients to improve their businesses with our 24/7 services offering. With a widely experienced team of dedicated support professionals, we have always strived to achieve client satisfaction.

Customer support has played an integral role in the shaping of successful businesses. Realizing this, companies are outsourcing their support services to ensure they are not compromised.

We believe strongly in the notion that gaining the trust of your customer helps you grow as an organization. Following this principle has allowed us to provide efficient customer and technical support services to our clients.

We provide our services in various market segments. Before we shine a light on that, let us explain why customer support is so important and why choosing us will be your best decision.

Why is Customer and Technical Support important?

There are several aspects of a business that greatly benefit from a quality customer support system. As we are one of the top IT Support Company in Washington, we focus on the below-listed areas so that our clients can reap desired business goals.

Knowing your customer:

In any business stream, knowing your customer’s requirements can be a major advantage. If you are aware of what they need and deliver your product accordingly, it helps you immensely in achieving customer satisfaction and right growth.

With our proactive interactions with the customers, we can help you understand what customer is looking for and based on this, you can tune your product or service.

Customer retention:

This is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful business. If you have customers who are coming to avail your product and services, you have a moment to rejoice. But retaining a customer does not depend on the quality of your product alone.

Customer support is very crucial here. If we look at the statistics, more than 75% of customers in Washington switch their products due to poor or unsatisfactory support services.

Industry knowledge also suggests that businesses with a customer retention rate of more than 5% see an increase in profits by over 25%. Therefore, we highly emphasis on customer retention to ensure our clients make constant progress.

Customer loyalty & references:

An efficient support system that renders quality resolutions in minimal time brings huge benefits. It inspires a sense of loyalty in your customers. Loyal customers can refer you to new customers. Again, you can win the trust of these customers and get them to refer you.

In this way, you can start a chain of references that can run in perpetuity. It brings you a significant increase in up-sales and boosts your image in the market. By providing excellent technical support services, we aim to ensure we earn the trust of every customer we provide service to.

Building a brand image:

All recognized brands have a particular method or style of providing solutions to their customer’s queries. A consistent stream of good services enhances the reputation of any business.

With our innovative methods of interacting and providing swift resolutions with a low TAT, we aim to start building a brand-like image of your organization. This will boost your business and place you among the market leaders.


This is a pivotal aspect that we focus our services on. According to a survey conducted around Washington, more than 50% of customers are happy to pay more for the product if they are provided quality customer support.

You can take this as an opportunity to gain an increase in returns. With our services, you can provide efficient customer and technical support in a cost-effective manner. This helps you to generate significant profit.

Knowledge of trends:

Every customer has a different opinion on how your product can be improved. It is not feasible to take every opinion into account and keep making changes. Instead, you can follow the trends and upgrade the features of your product accordingly.

Through a brief analysis of regular customer interactions, we deduce a methodology to determine the trend that will attract more customers and increase up-sales.

By regularly updating your product, you remain active as a competitor and maintain your presence in the market.

Services we provide:

SaaS Solutions:

We have been a pioneer in providing SaaS application support to our clients across industry verticals. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a method of delivering licensed software to users on the internet.

The data delivered is accessed by thousands of users in different devices and browsers. Therefore, it requires adequate support. By providing high-quality end-to-end support, we have established ourselves as a leading SaaS application support company.

AR/VR Support:

We have highly experienced support professionals who possess extraordinary knowledge of AR/VR solutions. AR/VR apps require support because they are composed of complex overlays and 3D animations.

With our AR/VR support services, we have been providing innovative solutions to ensure the customers continue enjoying the immersive products.

Digital Product: 

Digital products are hardware and software like smartphones, smart gadgets, workstations, AR/VR devices, and consumer electronics.

Ensuring your customer has good experience in using the products they buy from you is very important. Since these products are composed of hardware and software, they tend to develop issues. To resolve these issues, we are offering our service round the clock.

With our exemplary services, we have been able to ensure that customers get the best experience of the products.

Web Application Support:

Users encounter problems in a web application from time to time. An efficient web application support system ensures all these problems are resolved without causing any kind of inconvenience to the customer.

We are providing seamless web application support which includes but is not limited to health monitoring, performance optimization, and log maintenance. In accordance to the SLA agreement, we focus on responding to any tickets raised swiftly and resolve them in minimal time.

Apart from that, we also maintain a blueprint of certain ways in which your application can be enhanced with a planned integration of certain features going forward. By providing an on-call response for critical incidents related to your web app, we provide insightful resolutions to keep your app running in a smooth flow.

Mobile Application Support:

With our efficient mobile application support, we focus on providing a robust maintenance system which monitors the overall performance of your mobile app and helps deliver a flawless experience to the users.

With an uninterrupted streamlining of quality services, we support your app with regular feature upgrades in accordance with different browsers, devices, and operating systems. We offer end-to-end 24/7 service by effectively responding to customer queries and the tickets raised.

Through a robust monitoring system, we place a large emphasis on constantly optimizing the performance, usability, compatibility, and security of your mobile application.

IT Helpdesk:

An IT helpdesk helps resolve common end-user issues and ensures an uninterrupted flow of day to day operations. A helpdesk basically provides level 1 support which is 24/7 availability coupled with swift and instant resolutions. It lightens the burden on your customer support team significantly.

An active helpdesk will help you improve your customer support with constant monitoring of customer interactions. By providing quick and effective solutions 24/7, we have achieved significant recognition as an efficient IT helpdesk service provider.

Sapizon Technologies has established as one of the top customer and technical support companies in Spokane, Washington. Founded in 2015, we started with an aim to provide our clients with the best IT services and help them improve their businesses.

We have a highly experienced team of customer support professionals who are fully dedicated to achieving client satisfaction. Our services come to you at a very reasonable price.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.