Mobile app maintenance and support services

How a Mobile app maintenance and support services company works 

Mobile app maintenance and support services

How a Mobile app maintenance and support services company works 

How a Mobile app maintenance and support services company works

Mobile devices are becoming a basic norm these days. Look around and you find people using different kinds of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Smartphones, in particular, have become a great invention of the modern era.

With features like camera, GPS, and high-quality graphics, the things you cannot do on a smartphone are hard to find. And to make good use of these features, mobile applications are developed. There is a mobile application for everything. Be it shopping, studying, paying bills, or entertainment.

It is a known fact that developing mobile applications has been a lucrative business for aspirants out there. However, the importance of maintenance and support services in mobile apps is something most people are not familiar with.

Maintenance and support services go a long way in determining the success of an application. So, if you have recently developed an app or planning to develop one, you are in the right place for guidance.

Focusing on the features of your app and ensuring it to be unique is the right way to think, but your job does not end there. You need to ensure you are prepared to provide adequate maintenance support to the users.

We, at Sapizon Technologies, provide mobile app maintenance and support services to our clients all over the world. Let us help you understand this process.

What is mobile app maintenance and support?

Mobile app and maintenance support is the process that ensures a mobile application is working fine without any bugs. It involves extensive monitoring, fixing, and updating features of the application.

You can believe your app is successful when you have a decent number of active users. The objective here is to provide the users with best application experience and retain them.

Why is it important?

Global statistics suggest that more than 50% of apps lose the majority of their customers within the first couple of months of launch and the feedback data suggests a reason for this could be the poor quality of maintenance and support.

No matter how good a product is you find ways to improve it. The same goes for applications, there is a scope for improvement and upgrades always. You must be up to date with modern technology and features to keep the attention of users.

At the same time, it is also important to ensure eliminating potential bugs to keep the application secure. Let us run you down with a few aspects that explain the importance of maintenance and support.

Keeps you up to date with the latest device versions:

Mobile devices are a fast-growing product in the market. You buy a device, and it hardly takes time for an updated version of the same to be available. This constantly evolving process can make many applications irrelevant and outdated.

The reason being your app not finding compatibility with the latest hardware configurations and different versions of an operating system. The maintenance and support team can ensure that your app is being updated according to the trend. This helps you achieve a decent percentage of customer retention.

Improved User-Interface:

Users can only see what is visible to them. Most users are attracted to an application just because of an impressive UI. With an effective maintenance support system, you can be in sync with the trends and keep updating your app so that it does not become outdated.

Management of downtimes:

Every mobile application, regardless of how big or small it is face downtimes at some point. Maintenance and support system ensure these downtimes are detected in advance and are taken care of before they can start making an impact. A support system also helps you find solutions in these situations and enable the app to function normally.

Sync with library updates:

When your app is synced with software libraries, it helps when you are making changes or updates. These libraries have several lines of code to be used by developers instead of writing the codes from scratch boosting the optimization of your application. Maintenance and support play a significant role in this regard.


Hacking and other cyber-crimes are increasing by the day globally. In such cases, you must protect any sensitive or high-priority information housed by your app. Effective maintenance ensures your application is protected by a robust security system. They adopt certain updated protocols along with the latest security measures.

Types of Mobile Apps that require maintenance:

To determine which app needs maintenance and support, one needs to be familiar with all the developmental features of the app. Suppose your app has a large database which certainly requires maintenance and support and it should be provided in volumes that match the size of the database if not more.

Various other factors like the number of active users of your app, its complexity levels, and the kind of business domain it fits into also play a significant role in determining the requirement of maintenance and support.

Different types of Mobile App maintenance:

Maintenance of any product or application is easier said than done. There is an array of possibilities in which your app could require support and maintenance. Checking on all those possibilities at the same time along with satisfying the users is a major challenge. To simplify this, app maintenance is categorized as follows.

  • Emergency Break-fix
  • Perfective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance

Let do a brief dive into these categories.

Emergency Break-fix:

An emergency bread fix is a process of addressing all the sudden problems and errors/bugs that occur in the application system. These sudden problems can create critical issues in the app going further.

Perfective Maintenance:

Perfective maintenance makes sure that the user is getting a perfect experience of the application. It involves analyzing the customer feedback and makes changes to the application as per user requirements. It focuses on delivering the kind of experience customers desire.

Adaptive Maintenance:

This is the process of implementing changes in a part of the application system. When the system is updated and certain things in the system change, adaptive maintenance ensures that this part of the system is in line with the changing environment. This improves your application overall and the way it works.

Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is the process where you focus on ousting all the errors/bugs from the system. It also keeps a tab on possibilities of error occurrence and actively tries to avoid them. It works on the complexity of the application to make it user-friendly.

Corrective Maintenance:

Customers using the app report different kinds of issues regularly. Corrective maintenance is done to check on these issues and fix them as they are found. Errors are usually found in coding and design. They are addressed very quickly resulting in the smooth functioning of the application.

Sapizon Technologies is one of the best IT Support companies providing maintenance and support services for mobile applications all over the world. We strive to provide satisfactory services to our clients and help them achieve desired results. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals who are available 24/7 for service. We offer our services to clients across all business verticals.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.