Customer and Technical Support In UK

Customer and Technical Support In UK

Customer and Technical Support In UK

The United Kingdom has had a thriving impact on IT industries all over the world. The number of companies keeps on multiplying and along with them, the number of contemporary products in the market also multiply. To state the obvious, this leads to a vigorous competition at the culmination of which the smartest players achieve the gains while others slither away into the holocaust.

Nobody wants to be in the latter category. This tentative nature leads companies to essay different model of approaches, some tend to carry a lot more risk than others. There is always a hint of uncertainty glooming around when such methods are adopted. And it just means you are trying too hard when the solution is quite straightforward.

It is the kind of customer and technical support you provide that determines where you stand on the ladder. This is where you look for an IT Support Company. Sapizon Technologies is a Technical Support Company in London has been providing excellent Customer and Technical support services to its clients over the years. And now we are slowly expanding our footprint all across the globe.


It cannot be stressed enough that the kind of support services you are providing determines your progress as an organization from the customer’s point of view. Whether it is in the UK or some other place. There are a few factors that primarily explain the influence of support services in your growth as a company.

First Point of Contact

Your support team is the first direct point of contact between you and your customer. They represent you when they are conversing with the clients or addressing their issues. The client’s understanding of your job depends on how your support team functions. This key aspect determines the surge of your company.

Customer Retention

A happy and satisfied customer always comes back to buy more. This is why it is important to keep all your customers satisfied by providing highly efficient support services. If you manage to retain a customer over a period of time, it signifies that you are on the right path.

Inspires References and Loyalty

An effective Customer Support system encourages your customer base to refer your product to others. And it also compels them to remain loyal to you and keep availing of your services. This could possibly turn out to be an involuntary but impactful marketing strategy.


Numbers in the UK suggest that a customer does not care to pay more for the product if the company provides apt support services. This is how you can do better than your competitors. You can provide excellent support services in a cost-effective manner and earn a sufficient from your product.

Helps you gain an Edge

In the last four years, the number of unhappy customers in the UK has gone up by more than 60%. This is where you should seize the day. Conquer your customer base by attracting them with your services so that you achieve a defining competitive advantage.

There are many more reasons unbeknownst to even experts that signify the importance of support services.

Now that we have understood the impact support services have on businesses, let us go through the kind of support services we provide.

SaaS Solutions 

We, at Sapizon Technologies, provide our services to SaaS solutions. We have achieved monumental success in providing technical support to SaaS solutions to our clients and helping them overcome issues faced by their end-users.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model or technique which is adopted to deploy licensed software and application to the end-user on any device or browser with an internet connection.

SaaS companies have become mainstream in recent times with the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cloud Computing. Since the data delivered by SaaS companies is accessed by multiple users at the same time, providing extensive customer support is essential.

We have a highly dedicated team of professionals to cater to the need of our client’s companies and give appropriate solutions to the issues faced by their end-users. Our team has achieved a significant amount of experience in this particular area and we have been widely recognized for our efforts and tremendous results.

Web Application Support

With E-commerce services turning into a norm these days, it is extremely important for every business to have a web application. But not everyone is familiar with the support of a web application. This is where our services are useful once again.

We have provided very efficient and high-end web application support services over a specific time period. Our teams have successfully completed more than 200 projects resolving technical issues. We work in a collaborative environment as a team and ensure that your customers have a very good experience. We adopt the technique of Service Level Goals (SLGs) to provide you with a flawless application support system.

Digital Product Support

Digital Product Support services are hardware and software services that are offered by the manufacturer of the given product or a third party. This plays an effective role in customer retention and customer upscale.

Problems with any kind of hardware and software are imperative after a certain amount of time. And to ensure that the customer can make use of your product to a full extent and return to you when he needs a replacement, you have to address these problems whenever they occur.

Our team of support professionals is well equipped and well versed in finding solutions to these problems. We can provide solutions with remote access to the devices of the user. A full system diagnosis is done using which we can achieve desirable results. We provide 24/7 services to issues related to particular devices like AR-VR devices, Smart Gadgets, Workstations, and Consumer Electronics.

Mobile Applications

This is the era of the smartphone. The enormous amount of success achieved by smartphones is duly credited to mobile applications. There is a mobile application developed for almost every feature that a smartphone supports.

More than 80% of the UK’s population uses a smartphone. And a significant number of these users use at least 10 mobile applications each. And that is not even the average. It is no rocket science because everywhere you see there is a smartphone with many applications on it. But every application comes with its drawbacks, sometimes minor, sometimes major.

Our services are based on monitoring the progress of these applications and resolve the issues caused by the drawbacks and otherwise. We help you reduce your overall support cost. We have a highly knowledgeable support team that provides services through various channels like Email, Chat, Phone, and Automated Systems.

AR/VR Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been widely used in every business industry in recent times. VR helps create a synthetic reality for you to experience. And AR utilizes technologies to enable perception of the real world in your mind. Since these tools are developed using complex algorithms, support is necessary.

We provide support services for VR & AR solutions.

We have an insightful team of professionals who are very experienced on these technologies to address the issues. We have a unique end to end strategy which helps us find resourceful solutions gaining a satisfying result.

We have access to Head Mounted Devices (HMDs) and our services cover almost all VR and AR platforms like Android, iOS, Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Google cardboards and Web VR.


London consists of one of the largest IT Hubs of the UK with a significant chain of companies that are decades old making their marks and new ones actively competing with them. As good as all these companies are with their products, it is fair to point out that the majority of them lose out on their customer retention and web traffic sooner at a quicker pace than they gain it. Global and UK statistics suggest that this occurs due to unsatisfying Customer and Technical Support. We provide our services as a Technical Support Company in the UK and strive to help you progress with our services all over London and Cambridge.


Manchester has been a major business city in the UK for a long time now. And the IT market in Manchester has been flourishing in recent years. Just like London or any other city, the customer base in Manchester also seeks better services. We are now providing our services as a Technical Support Company in Manchester.


Our services as a Technical Support Company in the UK are not limited to one or two cities. The United Kingdom is a large geographical area with a stigma of developing IT hubs nurturing. Hence, we have broadened our reach all over the UK. We are available in all the major cities of the UK like Bristol, Liverpool, Wales, and Nottingham to name a few.


We are the best IT Support Compaies you can find. We strive to provide the best Technical Support services on our part and achieve the desired results for our clients. All our team comprise of highly dedicated and esteemed individuals who are constantly improving every skill they possess and channelize those improvements in their performance.

Our primary goal is to ensure we provide satisfactory services and solutions to our clients and to raise the bars for quality of our services.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.