Outsource E-Commerce Customer Support Services

Outsource E-Commerce Customer Support Services

Outsource E-Commerce Customer Support Services

Outsource E-Commerce Customer Support Services

Do you own an online retail business? Are you finding it difficult to provide adequate Support to your Customers? There is no reason for you to fret as all this is quite normal in this era of advanced technologies. You can solve this issue by simply Outsourcing E-Commerce Customer Support Services.

Hiring an in-house Support Team will cost you more resources and also consume time until they are trained and ready to handle support. By partnering with an E-Commerce customer Support Service Provider, your ready-to-go Customer Support System is all set to start.

At Sapizon Technologies, we are a Leading E-commerce Customer Support Service Providing Company actively rendering our Services. We have helped both large-scale E-Commerce corporations and startups improve their business and establish their position in the market.

Our team of experienced support professionals has the ability to quickly adapt to customer workflows. This is not as easy for inexperienced and under-skilled support professionals as there is no common solution for the diverse business solutions that we are seeing these days.

E-commerce outsourcing services allow businesses to hand over the responsibility of their support system to experienced and trained support agents. It provides them the opportunity to achieve increased customer retention and customer satisfaction.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing E-commerce Customer Support Services?

Experience and Skillset

Independent IT Support Companies possess relevant experience and skillsets to handle customer issues and all other maintenance issues related to an application. This means you can instantly start rendering quality support to your customers once you partner with the right company.

24/7 Availability

Outsourced e-commerce support companies provide services 24/7. This means customers never encounter any delay when they reach out seeking a solution to issues they are facing. Timely services help you build a good relationship with the customers.

Cost and Time Savings

Hiring an in-house team and training them for the process will be time-consuming. Apart from that, you will also need a setup that this team will operate in and there will an extra HR burden. Outsourcing helps avoid all these extra costs and saves time.

What is the Work Process of E-commerce Customer Support?

E-commerce outsourcing services allow online retailers to maintain a decent ROI and redundancies. Here is how the process is carried out:

Gathering Client Requirements

Top outsourcing companies gather relevant information about the challenges clients are encountering in providing support. Based on this, they roughly estimate on how the desired challenges can be mitigated without investing too much time and resources.


Once the needs of clients are entirely understood, support organizations move on to strategizing customer support solutions. Strategies are entirely based on what the clients are expecting and focused mostly on delivering productive results.

Assigning Tasks

If the support organization comprises a bigger workforce, they focus on accelerating the process by assigning different tasks of a project to different teams. For E-commerce Customer Support, a similar approach is adopted where each team is assigned a task for implementation.

Project Take-Off

After the successful assigning of roles, the desired project will commence as per the plan.

Delivering Reports

Descriptive reports related to the project are prepared. They are submitted to clients so that they can monitor the workflow and efficiency.

E-commerce Customer Support Services We Offer

E-commerce customer service outsourcing is becoming fairly common as time goes on. Here is what we offer to our clients:

Backend Processing

In e-commerce organizations, backend teams are often busy handling tasks ranging from order creation to fulfilling orders. As e-commerce Customer Support Providers, we offer to analyze the areas of the desired app that need to be improved for a better user experience.

Our dynamic approach of streamlining support services allows the workforce at the client-end to handle orders efficiently.

Customer Care Support

By putting us in charge of Customer Support Services, online retail organizations can breathe easily as our team will handle all the customer issues effectively. They focus on having productive interactions with customers and ensuring they are satisfied at the end of a call.

Before the first inbound call takes place, our team of support agents understands the desired organization’s business offerings so that they are aware of every type of problem customers can encounter. A thorough understanding propels faster services.

Inbound Sales Support

Apart from being well-versed about the process, our team of support experts also possesses a proficient knowledge base of the products and services we are supporting. When customers reach out trying to seek information about a particular product, our team will give them detailed information.

Having access to information the customers might seek bodes very for a business as they can have the support team nurture the interest of customers by providing valuable insights in the right way.

Refund Support

In the E-commerce industry, the process of refund has become quite common. Customers tend to change their minds about a product after they have made the purchase. In some instances, they order the wrong products which they want to return and request a refund.

Managing these refund situations is up to the support team. With 24/7 active support professionals at work, refunds are initiated through a secure network quickly and the situation is managed seamlessly. Timely refunds also boost the confidence level of customers in the desired organization.


Another recurring challenge in the e-commerce domain is that of replacements. These situations occur mostly because of damaged or wrong products being delivered. Our vigilant support team swiftly works out an apt solution to ensure any hindrances encountered by customers are quickly resolved.

Similar to refund, when replacements are carried out in a quick time, organizations can gain the trust of their customers and establish a good reputation. Support professionals ensure the process of replacement is managed seamlessly and in a secure manner.

Top Customer Support Software for E-commerce

These are the best industry-recommended Helpdesk software for e-commerce customer support:

  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Freshdesk
  • Groove
  • LiveChat
  • Zoho

As one of the Best IT Support Companies, we are rendering services on the global level in countries like USA, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.

Why Choose Sapizon?

At Sapizon Technologies, we aim to enhance the businesses of our clients through our end-to-end solutions. Here is why we are an ideal choice for you:

  • Our Customer Support Team Comprises skilled professionals with a combined experience of 50+ years.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Result-driven approach.
  • Completed 100+ successful projects.
  • Multi-Domain Expertise.
  • Driven by transparency and flexibility.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.