Software Testing Company in Washington

Software Testing Company in Washington

Software Testing Company in Washington

Software Testing is a crucial stage in software development. To ensure your software is well received in the market, it is shrewd to outsource your software testing services to a company that specializes in it.

Sapizon Technologies is the best Software Testing Company in Washington. Using unique testing strategies coupled with insightful solutions, we have helped several clients deliver quality software.

Software Testing is carried out to ensure the proper functionality of a software application. We have highly experienced software testers who run various test cases to check for defects in your software and rectify it. Their aim is to ensure the software application is correctly meeting the requirements.

With strong competitors in every market segment, you cannot afford to be complacent at any stage. It is important that your product should not lag back. With our services, you can test your product early and make the necessary changes before the release.

Before we brief on our Software Testing services, let us gain some knowledge about software testing.

Types of Software Testing:

  • Manual testing
  • Automation testing
What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the process of testing software manually. Software testers use their excellent skills and knowledge to design, create, and execute tests to check the software for defects.

Manual testing is carried out without writing any code or script. Testers apply their own efforts and operate from a user point of view to ensure software behavior is correct.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the process of testing a software application by running automated tests for repetitive tasks. There are several test cases which need to be executed multiple times. Instead of writing and executing these tests repeatedly, software testers write codes to automate such test cases.

Test automation is adopted by many organizations as it expedites the testing process and avoids time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Why is Software Testing necessary?

There are several features in a software application. You must test every feature before it is released. Some features, if not working properly can affect the overall performance of your software. Therefore, testing them becomes crucial.

Here are the key features that need to be tested


Functionality is the most important feature of any software product. If your software fails to perform the required functions, it fails its existence. Hence, it is crucial to check every function against its functional requirement.

Our software testers thoroughly test every function and analyze the behavior of your software while performing different functions simultaneously. Any functionality defects are getting corrected immediately and retested until everything is perfectly clear.


Security is one of the key features of the software. If you are accessing some important data through your software, it is imperative that you need all networks so that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

By attempting fake breaches, we thoroughly check every security parameter for any kind of loopholes. With this, we aim to discover flaws in the security mechanism and rectify them as per what is needed to secure your data. This process is also known as penetration testing.


There are millions of users of software apps around the world. In Washington alone, we have more than 7 million users. These users operate on different kinds of devices, operating systems, servers, and networks. To ensure your software is accessible to everyone, compatibility testing is required.

We run various test cases to check if your software is capable of running on different devices, OSs, servers, and networks. We also check its compatibility with updated versions of different OSs and devices.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is another very important feature of the software. Inaccurate data has the potential to encourage foreign entities and corrupt your entire system. Through our efficient software testing services, we verify if the data in the software database is accurate and can run functions as expected.

Further, we run data tests on all the files, templates, images, etc. This ensures data integrity is maintained effectively.


How your software application performs under extreme web traffic determines its capacity.It is important for you to know about the limitations of your software before anybody else. This can help you make necessary changes and ensure it has enough capacity.

We conduct stress tests and load tests by running the software in different environments under heavy loads. By analyzing the software behavior during these tests, we determine the loads the software can withstand. This helps you set certain parameters that can avoid a software crash.

We are one of the top software testing companies in Seattle, Washington. By focusing on pivotal factors, we have been instrumental in helping our clients produce quality software applications.

Services we provide

Automation Testing

With Automation testing, we have simplified software testing to a certain degree. We are providing insightful solutions to our clients with our end-to-end automation testing services.

The process of testing is accelerated considerably due to automation. Our team of software testers writes test scripts to automate testing in the areas that need to be tested over and over again. This avoids time consuming and repetitive tasks.

Usability Testing

By conducting usability testing, we can determine if your software is user-friendly. Software applications lose popularity if they are complex to use and if only limited users understand them.

A small set of targeted end-users use an application in the presence of our QA team. This process helps us to determine if the software has any usability defects. The purpose of usability testing is to ensure the software is meeting the requirements that a user-friendly application must have.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is carried out to check the overall performance of your software application. We conduct stress tests by running your software under heavy loads and analyze its behavior.

The purpose of performance testing is to check the speed, scalability, and capacity of your software under different environments. We aim to ensure that the software is functioning at an optimal level under heavy loads.

Web Application Testing

Web application testing is the process of testing a web app for its functionality and other features. We run various test cases to ensure your web application is performing the necessary functions and meeting user requirements.

We focus on key features of a web app like its functionality, security, and compatibility.

Mobile Application Testing

We are providing our services in mobile application testing to help our clients develop quality mobile apps. It is a known fact that mobile apps are used more than any other kind of app. In Washington, every smartphone user has at least three active mobile apps he/she uses.

This makes testing of mobile apps extremely important. With our innovative testing strategies, we conduct mobile application testing to ensure your app is meeting the functional requirements. We run test cases to check their behavior in different environments with various devices, servers, and networks.

AR/VR and Game Testing

AR/VR solutions and game consist of 3D animations and simulations which carry numerous complexities. Therefore, it has to be tested with precision. We have helped our clients deliver eye-catching and exhilarating AR/VR apps with our AR/VR and game software testing services.

We provide the best services in and around Washington backed up with seasoned software testers who specialize in AR/VR testing.

We are offering our services in all the cities of Washington like Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Bellevue.

About Us

Sapizon Technologies was founded in 2015. Ever since we started, our primary objective has been to help our clients reach the pinnacle of their industries in aide of our services. We are one of the leading software testing companies in Washington.

Armed with the best tools and top-quality testers, we have managed to complete more than 100 successful projects. We render our services to clients across different industry verticals.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.