Software Testing in Australia

Software Testing in Australia

Software Testing in Australia

Software Testing Company in Australia

The Australian IT industry has been one of the leaders of the global market for a while now. In this age of unparalleled technological evolution, Australia has led from the front with the introduction of advanced software products. As the number of advanced products increase, so does the need for testing them.

The success rate of a product is usually determined by the demand it generates along with profits. In simple terms, if you make a product and sell it, you need it to stay in the market for a long time. This helps you get maximum gains from your product.


The most important feature every consumer looks for in software is a proper functionality. Software Testing is crucial in ensuring your product is doing well in the market. As we all are aware, every development process encounters lots of bugs. This makes testing a mandatory process in software development. Since it is complex, you need to choose the right company to test it.

Sapizon Technologies is a leading software testing company in Australia. We are highly experienced in this domain and have been actively providing our services in Australia. Let us explain the whole method in an elaborative manner.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the process of evaluating a software application for its functionality. It involves the QA team, business analysts, and IT developers collaborating to make a software application defect-free.

Testers follow the process of planning, creating, and executing tests to ensure that a software application is correct. The whole process focuses on ensuring that the software is meeting user requirements and functioning as it is expected to function.

Software testers run various test cases to identify the bugs in coding if there are any and then fix them. Once these bugs are fixed and corrected, they retest the software to ensure it is defect-free.

Why is Software Testing important?

Several IT experts have suggested that thoroughly tested software ensures smooth operation.

Here are some key points highlighting the importance of testing:

  • Software functioning is smooth and reliable.
  • Software is optimized with regular updates.
  • Helps achieve customer satisfaction to a large extent.
  • Fixing bugs later will cost you a lot more than testing early will, hence testing is


  • It helps in the overall improvement of your product while building a brand image of your business.
  • Efficient solutions provided through automation and manual testing increased the productivity of the software.
  • It also helps you form a user-friendly approach.

If you are looking for a software testing company in Australia, Sapizon Technologies is the best choice for you. Before we elaborate why our services are the best, here is a brief explanation of how testing is conducted.

How to implement Software Testing?

Software testing is a complex process that involves writing and executing several test cases.

To make it this process a little easier for testers, it is divided into the following phases:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Planning
  • Test analysis
  • Test Design
  • Test Case Creation
  • Test Execution
  • Regression Testing
  • User-Acceptance Testing

Requirement Analysis:

The first phase of testing is requirement analysis. In this phase, the quality assurance (QA) team and business analysts collaborate to analyze test requirements. They determine what needs to be tested and why it needs to be tested. Once they finalize the requirements, they review them and figure out what is testable.


Test planning is a crucial phase in software testing. All testing strategies are drawn up in this phase based on the product criteria. The QA manager formulates an estimated cost required for the process.

Test Analysis:

In this phase, a complete analysis is done on various complexities of the product. Based on the results of this analysis, testers determine the components those require testing.

Test Design:

This phase involves setting up an environment suitable for testing. Testers collect all the data required and set up the devices, networks, and servers accordingly.

Test Case Creation:

Once a suitable environment is a set-up, testers create test cases that need to be executed based on the requirement analysis. All the test cases are arranged priority-wise.

Test Execution:

Software testers execute all the test cases in this phase. The results of these test cases are recorded and evaluated at regular intervals.

Regression Testing:

Regression testing refers to the process where all functional and non-functional test cases are executed once again to check if previously developed build of application is still performing.

The division of testing phases is also known as Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).

User-Acceptance Testing:

This is the final stage of software testing. Here, users run the tests themselves to check if the software is meeting requirements and carrying out the required functions. If something is wrong, UAT testers suggest changes.

Types of Software Testing

Software Testing is categorized into below two categories:

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automation Testing

Manual Testing:

Manual Testing is the process where software testers test the software application for defects manually. Testers are required to apply their unique skillsets here. They create, design, and execute test cases on their own without any coding. Testers evaluate the application from the end-user point of view to ensure correct behavior.

Automation Testing:

Automation testing is the process of accelerating the testing process by running automated tests. Software testers use code to automate tests that need to be conducted multiple times. Instead of testers writing and executing these tests, the whole process is automated.

Automation testing is used primarily to automate repetitive test cases as it can be difficult to do it manually. It avoids unnecessary time consumption and repetitive tasks.

Melbourne has been considered one of the best IT hubs in the world. Software development and new software products are released here quite frequently. Sapizon Technologies is a leading Software Testing Company in Melbourne. We have been actively providing our services to our clients here.

Services we provide

We provide the following software testing services:

Automation Testing:

With automation testing, we focus on simplifying the testing process for you. From the designing of test cases to their execution, we offer high-quality end-to-end solutions. Regression testing is also done with automated tools to achieve desired results

Performance Testing:

Performance testing is conducted to check the overall performance of the software. Our software testers check the speed, stability, and capacity of the software by conducting stress testing. The software is tested under heavy loads and its behavior under different environments is analyzed.

Functional Testing:

Functional testing is carried out to ensure the proper functionality of the software application. Our testers run test cases on each function and evaluate the results with the functional requirement.

Usability Testing:

Usability testing ensures your software is user-friendly. With the help of representative users, software testers observe and analyze the behavior of the software during this process.

Web Application Testing:

Web application testing refers to testing web applications. Software testers run tests to check the key features of a web application like functionality, security, compatibility, and integrity of your web application.

Since web applications are hosted on different devices, browsers, and operating systems, they need to meet certain requirements to make an impact. Hence, web application testing is conducted to ensure that a web app is functional and requirements are met.

We are the best software testing company in Sydney having achieved several accolades in web application testing.

Mobile Application Testing:

Mobile apps generate the most network traffic compared to all other apps in this era. Hence, mobile app testing is extremely important to ensure your app meets the requirements of the latest devices and browsers. Our software testers check your app for feature upgrades related to different devices and operating systems.

AR/VR and Game Testing:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been a breakthrough in the IT sector. Thanks to AR/VR, users are getting an immersive experience in all activities. It has provided every industry with a wider scope. We conduct AR testing, VR testing, and game testing to ensure users get the best experience of these modern technologies.

Some of the tools used for software testing are:

  • Jira
  • Mantis
  • Trello
  • Bugzilla
  • Test Link
  • Redmine
  • Trac
  • Selenium
  • Test Rail
  • Katalon Studio
  • FogBugz
  • Zephyr
  • Borland Silk Central

We are actively providing our services in Australia in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Our services are not limited to these cities and are extended all around Australia.

Sapizon Technologies is one of the leading Software Testing companies in Australia. We have highly experienced software testers with the best tools at their disposal. Having completed more than 100 projects, we have given our clients the best end-to-end solutions. We offer our services to clients in different industries.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.