Software Testing in India

Software Testing in India

Software Testing Company in India

The Indian IT industry is constantly taking giant leaps towards becoming one of the top IT hubs in the world. India, with more than 40 metropolitan cities, dozens of which are considered major IT hubs, and with number of skilled and talented software developers increasing in the country, obviously new software are being released frequently.

Software Development is a long and tedious procedure that involves many phases. One of the most important phase of software development is the testing phase. Software Testing is a process where the software or application is tested for proper functionality before it goes live.

It is important to ensure the application you are developing covers all the bases and works the way it is supposed to work. Therefore, Software Testing is crucial and necessary. Software testers run various test cases at different stages to check the application’s key features.

We, at Sapizon a leading Software Testing Company in India, are enriched with a vast experience in Software Testing. We are providing our services to multiple clients all over India. Let us take you through the whole process in a detailed manner.

Why Software Testing is Important?

In India, when a product fails to satisfy the consumer, it does take a lot of time for the consumer to switch to some other product. Many times, the testing process is skipped and the product is released in the market. But there is no longevity for the product in the market as it befalls to a bug or simply just crash due to network load.

Efficient testing assures that you overcome all these issues before your product is released so that you achieve the maximum gains from it and retain your customer base. The following points signify the importance of Software Testing.

  • Ensures proper functioning of the software or application which can help the product create a bigger impact on the market.
  • The quality of the product is enhanced further as it is checked for any possible foreign malware corrupting it.
  • Helps achieve good feedback and satisfaction from the customer base.
  • Any risks of the product perishing are eliminated beforehand.
  • It is ultimately cost-effective as fixing bugs later might cost you more than testing earlier would.

Software Testing is imperative for the effective functioning of the application and ensuring it achieves the desired results.We are one of the best Software Testing Company in India provides high quality services.

What are the phases of software testing?

Software Testing can be a long and complex process. To make it easier for developers and quality assurance engineers, Software Testing Companies came up with a strategy of dividing the whole process into phases. Here is a brief run-down of the phases.

Requirement Analysis:

In this phase, the software testers identify certain features of the software that must be tested and also the reason for it. The requirements they get can be either functional or non-functional. They put in place effective strategies to run subsequent tests.


Resources that are crucial for the testing process are prepared as per the requirement list made in the first phase. A quality assurance manager formulates a plan and determines an estimated cost of the process. Once this is done, a test plan is finalized.

Test Analysis: 

Test conditions are assessed based on the requirement analysis done in the first phase and the complexities of the product. After a complete assessment, the software testers determine the components to conduct the tests on. This also depends on various factors like the risks associated directly with the product and different levels of testing.

Test Design:

In this phase, testers identify and collect all the data required for running the tests and create a suitable environment accordingly. Subsequent test cases are designed for implementation and metrics are developed for test coverage.

Test Implementation:

Planning of the implementation of tests takes place in this stage. All test cases are arranged based on their priority. Mock tests are run to ensure the accuracy of test cases and analyze their behavior with other test cases.

Test Execution:

This is the final and the most crucial phase of testing as all the setup and planning was done keeping this in mind. The software is tested thoroughly based on the test cases that were written which is recorded and evaluated at every interval of the execution.

How is Software Testing done?

Software Testing is a complex process to understand even if you are well versed and have a good knowledge of the IT industry. It involves the software testers evaluating the software and its components for potential bugs, viruses, and malware that can be hazardous for functioning of the application and can disrupt it infinitely. The testing process consists few important steps. Let us break them down for you.

Basic Functionality Testing:

This is the first stage of testing after the development of your product. All software components will be tested for potential bugs. Initially, software testers run a few simple commands to check the functionality. If the software responds positively, a few complex commands are run by the testers. If they detect something odd, it is brought to the note of the development team and fixed accordingly.

Code Review:

This should be done once you have successfully tested your software for basic functionality. The software has several lines of code and with every line of code, the possibility of bugs. Testers check every line of code for bugs . If any bugs are found, they correspond with the development team to fix the bugs and proceed with further testing.

Static Code Analysis:

Here, the focus is on the security protocols in place for the software. Software testers utilize the tools that analyze the source code without execution of the same. These tools look for loopholes in the security system of the software and determine what changes are necessary.

Unit Testing:

Software testers run unit tests to determine functioning of the software across various inputs. Every time there are changes in the source code, unit tests should be conducted for detailed analysis. This is one of the key steps in software testing every tester is recommended to perform.

Single-User Performance Testing:

Single-user performance on the front end is analyzed by the software testers and the developers to determine overall quality of performance of the software. It also gives the developers an experience of visualizing the use of software from a client’s point of view.

Types of Software Testing

Primarily, software testing is widely categorized into the following:

  1. Manual Testing.
  2. Automation Testing.
Manual Testing:

Software testers use the software like regular users to identify the problems and fix them accordingly to optimize the functioning of the software. It is the manual responsibility of testers to conduct the whole process without any automation tools. They make a detailed test plan and execute tests accordingly.

Automation Testing:

Automation testing mode is like a virtual assistant to the testing team. It helps them focus on test cases rather than consuming time of identifying the requirement of tests. This mode ensures 100% functionality of the application or software while tracking its requirements at the same time. As we Indians like things done easily and conveniently, this mode goes well with us.

We, at Sapizon a leading Software Testing Company in India, have been providing software testing services all over India. We offer various software testing services mentioned below with a brief explanation of each service.

Automation Testing:

Automation testing reduces overall time consumption and ensures development of a process is simplified. We offer end-to-end solutions of quality automation testing from the designing of test cases to the execution. We execute automated regression tests to achieve better and effective results. We use high-quality testing tools for automation like Selenium, Protractor, and SoapUI.

Web Application Testing:

Web applications are well utilized by businesses in every domain these days. But proper functionality of a web application is a major concern. We offer our services in web application testing where our software testers ensure your application checks all the boxes like functionality, usability, compatibility, and security. This assures the smooth running of your business application.

Mobile Application Testing:

Mobile applications are the basic norm of this era. Every person who owns a mobile device uses at least four mobile applications according to global statistics. This makes it essential to thoroughly test your application before you host. Along with that, you also want to avoid the possibility of losing your customer base. We offer high-quality mobile application testing services where our software testers test your application for feature upgrades concerning different devices and operating systems.

Performance Testing:

Once all key features are tested, software testers check the overall performance of your software. We conduct stress testing to determine the capacity of your software under heavy loads and varying internet speeds. It gives you a chance to analyze the behavior of your software and rectify whatever is necessary.

VR App and Game Testing:

Virtual Reality (VR) in gaming has revolutionized the way technology is used. It is adapted in many games to enhance the experience of gamers. It is important to understand the scope of testing in VR and gaming.

Our objective is to provide users with that understanding. We aim to provide complete solutions in testing VR games. We have all required VR skills the testing process.

We focus on primary testing features like functionality, hardware, compatibility, and accessibility among others. We work on leading Software Testing Company in India and provides VR platforms like Oculus, Vive, Android, iOS and Web VR.

We actively provide our services in IT hubs of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. We have bagged exciting projects across these cities concerned for performance testing, automation testing, and VR testing. This helped us gain significant recognition for our productive services.

Being a leading Software Testing Company in India Our services are not limited to the above-mentioned cities but are extended all over India. We have achieved notable recognition for our services in other metropolitan cities like, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai, to name a few.

Why Sapizon is Best Software Testing Company in India?

Sapizon Technologies is one of the best software testing companies in India. We have ample experience in designing and executing unique testing models for clients across different industries and domains.

We have all the latest testing tools and skills to service. We have highly experienced and skillful software testers working 24/7 to provide you the best services.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.