Automation Testing with Nightwatch JS

Automation Testing with Nightwatch JS and Cucumber

Automation Testing with Nightwatch JS

Automation Testing with Nightwatch JS and Cucumber

Automation Testing is often preferred as it helps find more bugs when compared to manual testing. It enables testers to speed up the testing process while recording accurate results simultaneously. One of its major perks is that it avoids time consuming and repetitive tasks.

For efficient automation testing, industry experts recommend the use of the best framework and tools so that the quality of the Software is not compromised. Testing companies use the best tools available in the market to good effect for desired results.

At Sapizon Technologies, we follow a similar path. Being one of the best Software Testing Companies in the USA, we use the best industry-recommended tools to ensure the delivery of quality Software Applications.

We have an esteemed team of software testers who possess the requisite skillset and significant experience in the domain. They are familiar with all the latest frameworks and testing tools that are used to enhance the Testing process and gain desired results.

In this blog, let us enlighten you with popular Software Testing frameworks cum tools, Nightwatch JS, and Cucumber.

What is Nightwatch JS?

Nightwatch JS is an Automation Testing framework for software applications. It is written in Node.js and uses W3C Web Driver as an API. With Nightwatch, Software Testers intend to simplify the process of writing automated test scripts.

As per industry knowledge, it is considered one of the top Automation Testing frameworks going around. The standout feature of Nightwatch JS is that it enables testers to implement continuous integration while writing test scripts.

Why is Nightwatch JS Recommended?

For the development of automated frameworks, Selenium has always been in demand because it supports different programming languages and also renders Cross-browser Testing.

However, Nightwatch uses Javascript as the programming language for testing which provides the following benefits:

  • Nightwatch consists of a robust configuration.
  • It is a light framework.
  • It helps you configure with Cucumber to build a strong Behavior-Driven Development.
  • It enables continuous integration with different cloud servers like SauceLabs and BrowserStack for web and mobile app testing.
  • It helps improve test structuring.
  • It does not require maintenance of code.
  • Optimal performance in the execution of automation.

How is Nightwatch JS used?

Nightwatch JS is used extensively for writing and running Tests through a demo Javascript file. This process is carried in the following way:

  • A Javascript file is created for running tests through Nightwatch with command.
  • When we run it, this command identifies ‘Nightwatch’ from the ‘test’ key.
  • This key hits the API and triggers an URL in the chrome driver.

There can be more steps in the Javascript file depending on the Test cases.

Cucumber JS:

Cucumber is an Automated Testing tool that supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and enables you to write tests in simple English language in various formats.

Here are a few benefits of Cucumber

  • It is an efficient tool for automation testing.
  • It focuses more on user-experience.
  • Writing style allows for the reuse of code in tests.
  • Easier to set up and execute.
  • Easier to involve stakeholders who are not familiar with code.

Testers configure Cucumber in the Nightwatch framework to manage test cases accordingly.

How Cucumber is used? 

Cucumber is used for writing test cases in simple English using words like Given, When Then in a unique format and later executing them. Here is a step-by-step illustration of the process:

  • We create a Javascript file in the root folder where we can start, create, and close web driver sessions.
  • Next, we create a feature film that has test scenarios in Given, When, Then format.
  • Then we create matching step definitions for every feature in the file so that Cucumber understands and executes the file.
  • Nightwatch should return the API call which is the result.

Custom Reports in Nightwatch and Cucumber:

Reporting can be considered as a bonus or advantage provided by Nightwatch and Cucumber tools. These tools generate test results report after execution. It gives a visual view of potential problems so that you can fix them in minimal time.

The reports generated are in HTML format which makes them easier to read and understand. They are considered the best-suited report formats because they are less complex.

Nightwatch and Cucumber are considered as some of the top modules as they provide easily readable test suites in the form of documents while keeping them in Javascript.

At Sapizon Technologies, we have adopted the practice of these modules to maintain consistency in the quality of the software we deliver and also adapt to emerging tools and technologies.

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