Salesforce Testing Services

Salesforce Testing Services

Salesforce Testing Services

Salesforce Testing Services

How to do Salesforce Testing Services

Salesforce is a CRM platform widely used by several IT organizations to improve relationships with their clients. It consists of features that help organizations sell and market their services with great efficiency in an easy manner.

Salesforce renders dynamic flexibility allowing customization of features to suit the needs of a particular organization. Once changes are made, it is important to test these customized features. This is where the need for Salesforce Testing arises.

Salesforce Testing refers to the validation of the customized features in a Salesforce Platform.

To carry out effective salesforce Testing, Sapizon Technologies is the Company you should partner with.

We are actively rendering our Services in the Software Testing domain to ensure we help our clients deliver flawless software applications. We have significant experience in conducting Salesforce Software Testing for our clients across different industries.

Our illustrious contribution to the deliverance of quality software applications has made us one of the best software testing companies in the USA. We possess a team of esteemed Software Testers reminiscent of vast experience and brilliant skills to develop and implement successful Testing Strategies.

Importance of Salesforce Testing

An effective salesforce platform can work wonders for you if it is entirely operational at an optimal level. Here are a few pointers that highlight why Salesforce Testing is important for this:

  • Enables you to check the configuration and code after features are customized.
  • You can gain clarity on whether the updated system can support the client’s processes.
  • Helps you confirm that the system is meeting the necessary requirements.
  • You can detect problems/defects early while they are still easier to fix.
  • Thorough testing provides greater stability to customizations.
  • Helps you validate the workflow based on the status of test cases. This allows testers to determine if the functionality is as per requirement.
  • Allows you to evaluate the working condition and behavior of the system.

Levels of Salesforce Testing

At Sapizon Technologies, we are considered a pioneer in Salesforce Testing. Our implementation consists of the following levels of Testing:

Unit Testing

Unit testing in salesforce testing involves developing apex codes with various clauses in them to automatically test its coverage. This helps you evaluate the affected data to ensure the codes would run continuously in that environment.

To deliver an apex code to a production environment, the estimated code coverage ratio required would be more than 75%.

System Testing

Salesforce System Testing is performed by Software Testers who specialize in Salesforce Testing. They run vigorous tests on all the technical processes in the system. To conduct these tests, test scripts are compiled based on specific outputs.

System testing allows you to analyze and resolve an issue with automated workflow, validation, and assignment.

UAT Testing

User-Acceptance Testing (UAT) is performed by targeted end-users/clients to evaluate the system and check if it is suitable for their business. In UAT, test scripts are written based on the operations of a particular business organization to assure a client that their requirements are met.

UAT testing is successful once the client/end-user confirms that the Salesforce System is fit for their business operations.

Production Testing

The entire Salesforce System is thoroughly tested in the production environment. This allows you to check if the configuration and the code have been deployed to the production environment correctly.

It is recommended that the client run UAT tests once again if there is enough time remaining in between deployment and final product launch.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is conducted to check whether the customized features of a Salesforce System have affected the formerly developed built-in features of the system.

These tests are likely to be performed when enhanced features are deployed for production. Users suggest certain changes that may impact the current process. This paves the way to identify the areas that needs to be tested.

Challenges in Salesforce Testing

Salesforce testing presents many challenges to software testers. Let us run you through a few of them:

  • Testers cannot remove some of the standard functionalities although they are not in use.
  • GUI tests do not work when testers switch to the Test Environment.
  • All the classic tests must be recreated for the Lightning UI.
  • Testers must ensure automated tests are working in all the test environments.
  • Encountering issues while creating field locators for the salesforce screens as field IDs might differ in various organizations.
  • Testers must be able to create both positive and negative test scenarios.

Considering the importance of CRM in the modern business era, Salesforce Testing is extremely crucial for business organizations. Our top-quality end-to-end services ensure we help our clients deliver the best Salesforce Testing Applications.

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Sapizon Technologies is one of the top Software Testing Companies in the USA. Our objective is to enhance the businesses of our clients across industries. Having completed more than 100 successful projects, we have established ourselves in this domain.

Our Team of Software Testers possesses unparalleled experience in the implementation of robust strategies to deliver flawless software applications. We operate under a result-driven approach and strive for client satisfaction. Our services are rendered to clients across different industry verticals.

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