Software Testing

Penetration Testing: what to look for in a penetration testing company?

Software Testing

Penetration Testing: what to look for in a penetration testing company?

Our world is not the same Before. Without the invention of the internet, the concept of online businesses was far from reality and one could only have thought of running his/her business online. But as the internet came, massive tech revolts came into being. With thousands of different platforms being launched and ran online, digital businesses became a new trend and now it is being said that the future is online.

At this time, there are hundreds of thousands of online businesses being operated worldwide and people are trying different platforms for their online ventures. But what put these online platforms at risk? Well, the answer is hackers. Millions of notorious hackers are always looking for a chink in the company’s secure portal and the moment they find it, all it takes a few minutes and the whole company goes down in the doldrums. The situation can prove to be very depressing and critical especially for those who have just taken their first step in the online world.       

Simulation Tests:

Different organizations all over the world conduct routine simulation tests. There, they test and evaluate their skills. Such as the USAF conduct simulation tests to check the combat compatibilities of its fighter pilots. Similarly, nearly all airlines in the world design simulators for their pilots to train them better and to check their flying skills. Likewise, hospitals and many medical schools around the world have introduced the technique of simulation, where they teach medical students, doctors and surgeons on virtual scenarios. There, they are given different situations that they might face in real-life. These simulation tests are also used in the field of engineering as well.

The purpose of these simulations and virtual scenarios is only to train an individual better in his/her field of expertise and so that they can handle real-time situations better.

Penetration Testing:

Penetration tests are kind of tests that are performed on an online platform, particularly a business. Such businesses are almost always at the target of potential hackers. In penetration testing, a simulated attack is launched on the security systems of the company. In this way, an organization can get a better understanding of vulnerabilities and exploitations within its security system. These tests are developed by software testing companies which are also known as pen-testing companies.

The test is performed under a controlled environment; therefore it does not affect the organization in any way. Instead, it gives the organization’s top management a better insight about their security systems.


Benefits of Penetrative Testing:

Getting the Lead before the Hackers:

By performing a penetration testing by an authorized software testing company, an organization can easily know about the ways and openings through which a hacker can get access to its systems. Those vulnerabilities can be in the form of a code error, software bugs, improper settings, or other operational weaknesses. After getting awareness about weaknesses in its system, the company can easily modify its security system to counter any vulnerabilities.

Cost Effectiveness:

If a software testing company i.e. pen testing company performs penetrative testing, that can prove to be very beneficial for an online business organization. By performing a test prior to the actual potential attack, it can easily defend itself and handle the attack effectively which would have otherwise proven to be a catastrophic event for the company, as in that case, it was not prepared for any event of such kind beforehand and hence would not have been able to make recoveries.

Development of Effective Security Plans:

A penetrative tester can provide a company with a complete insight into the company’s security. Every detail, whether it be minute or major, will be known by the company’s management hence they can develop effective security plans beforehand.

Controlled and Safe Environment:

A penetration test is always performed under a controlled and safe environment and does not create any issues for the organization. Attacks are launched in a controlled, measured, and organized manner which does not leave the organization with any vulnerability. Instead, the testing proves to be a beneficial process for the organization itself as t provides them with a complete insight into their security systems.

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