Software Testing Company in Columbus

Software Testing Company in Columbus

Software Testing Company in Columbus

In recent years, the demand for independent Software Testing Company in Columbus has significantly increased in the quest for delivering flawless Software Applications to the market. And this is because Software Test outsourcing has helped in avoiding time consumption and increase cost-efficiency.

If you are looking for a Software Testing Company in Columbus to partner up with, we at, Sapizon Technologies, are actively rendering our services as a Software Testing Consultant. Through the implementation of proven Software Testing Strategies, we have thrived in delivering defect-free applications for our clients.

Considered one of the Best Software Testing Services and Support Companies in Columbus, we possess vastly skilled testers who have valuable experience in QA Testing. By choosing us, you can rest assured that your software will release in the market devoid of any flaws.

Here are some of the services we offer to our clients:

Test Automation

We render Top-drawer Automation Testing Services to our clients to ensure they deliver defect-free software applications to the market in minimal time. Our team of QA testers is well accustomed to compiling automated test scripts and usage of Automation Testing Tools which helps them reduce time consumption.

Our Test Automation framework enables our testers to manifest the test cases based on user-end requirements. It paves the way for them to conduct faster Testing while generating accurate results.

DevOps Quality and Continuous Testing

With our DevOps quality and continuous Testing Services, our testers evaluate the software quality at every stage of the development life cycle by testing early and as often as possible. Through our advanced framework automation, we incorporate robust testing strategies to achieve our quality goals.

In DevOps continuous Testing process, a Software change is continuously moving from development to Testing to deployment. Here, the code is continuously developed, tested, and deployed.

Salesforce Testing

We offer highly vigilant Software Testing Services through which our team of QA Testers check the configuration and code of a Salesforce CRM and ensure that it is functional. We aim to identify issues in the system early on and fix them while it is easier.

After running comprehensive Tests, we can validate if the initial build of the desired Salesforce CRM meets the agreed requirements and supports the client’s business processes.

Performance Testing

We carry out vigorous Performance Testing to ensure the desired software application can handle peak loads and function in an optimized manner consistently. We focus on checking performance-based features of the application like its speed, scalability, stability, etc.

Our Team of Software Testers carries out stress tests to determine the breaking point of an application before it is released to the users. By conducting a series of load tests, we analyze the performance of the software under various loads and see if the workflow is optimal at all levels.

Mobile Application Testing

Our Mobile Application Testing Services are focused on validating key features of mobile apps like their functionality, usability, security, and performance. Our team of testers is well accustomed to formulating the perfect software solutions for various types of Mobile Applications.

Through extensive Compatibility Testing, we ensure that our clients deliver a high-performance mobile that performs consistently on all types of devices. We run the application on two devices simultaneously to identify the consistencies if any are found.

Web Application Testing

Fully working and optimized web applications are a major asset for a business which makes web application testing extremely important. Similar to mobile apps, we focus on ironing out defects in core features like functionality, performance, usability, etc.

Through extensive Web App Testing, we aim to ensure our clients’ web apps are free of any defects, bugs, and flaws. We also make sure all the popular browsers are compatible with the desired application.

As one of the Top QA Testing Companies in Columbus, we offer a wider range of software testing services like VR/AR App and Game Testing, Blockchain Application Testing, ERP Application Testing, ETL Testing, Cross-Browser Application Testing, and more.

Why Choose Sapizon for QA outsourcing?

We are considered one of the Best Software Testing Service Outsourcing Companies in Columbus. We deliver efficient Testing Services with resourceful testing strategies. You can choose us as your outsourced QA partners because:

  • We acquire a combined experience of 50+ years in the QA domain.
  • Have completed more than 100 successful projects.
  • Possess state-of-the-art infrastructure and use the best industry-recommended software testing tools.
  • Driven by flexibility and transparency.
  • Result-oriented approach.
  • Multi-domain expertise.

For a detailed briefing about how our services will help your business, you can book a free consultancy with our Software Testing Company in Columbus.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.