E-Commerce Benefits from Cloud Computing

5 Ways E-Commerce Benefits from Cloud Computing

E-Commerce Benefits from Cloud Computing

5 Ways E-Commerce Benefits from Cloud Computing

5 Ways E-Commerce Benefits from Cloud Computing

Online shopping has taken over the market and conveniently eclipsed the conventional retail shopping method. The magnitude of this has elevated so much that even basic home needs like groceries, home decor, and cleaning supplies are also purchased on mobile devices.

This shift in consumer shopping habits has prompted every retailer to enter the field of play that e-commerce is. By building a strong online presence along with driving a good percentage of sales and growth, many of them have established their position in very little time.

Amidst booming business, the e-commerce industry continues to evolve and make business easier. In this article, we will discuss the impact cloud computing has had on e-commerce. Among many benefits, they have significantly reduced redundancies concerning time and resources.

Here are the 5 ways in which cloud computing has benefited the e-commerce domain:



  • Cloud hosting enables businesses to build their e-commerce presence rapidly once they have gained reasonable recognition in the market.
  • The scalability of the cloud ideally pertains to the needs of the retail domain.

If organizations choose to provision more IT resources on their own and also look to secure their funds so that they can build a better IT infrastructure, it can have a negative effect on their overall business growth.

By hosting their e-commerce sites on the cloud, they can:


  • Support self-growth of their business on pay as you go.
  • Allocate all the funds they save here in a more productive area.



  • Consumers of this age are internet-savvy which means a large chunk of them are always surfing through some or the other website.
  • Constant use by several users tends to make the web traffic can become uncontrollable at times.

This makes stability a vital element for e-commerce websites and applications. Cloud computing can render superior stability for online retail businesses. It allows them to host their IT infrastructure seamlessly.

For instance, if an e-commerce business launches a new ad campaign, the web traffic for their site automatically increases. They can stabilize their website with cloud hosting and achieve greater productivity.


Two statistics can directly explain the importance of speed:


  • More than 40% of online shoppers have been known to exit a website or page it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • In a more detailed stat, more than 80% are less likely to return to a website they are not satisfied with.

Thus, e-commerce websites need to be agile and optimal at all times so that they render users with an excellent experience.

Hosting the website on a powerful and reliable cloud platform gives it speeds that no on-site infrastructure is known to deliver. If your website is agile, it draws more users towards your business which leads to an increase in sales and paves the way for positivity.


This is one of the major benefits that cloud computing renders to the e-commerce business. As we know, there are many areas that a business must invest in such as:


  • Different servers for each application/website created.
  • Workforce to overlook the maintenance of each website.
  • Building a secure and reliable on-premises infrastructure.

By hosting their workloads on the cloud, organizations can reduce their costs and also build a good online presence. It allows them to invest their profits in business enhancement.


One of the primary benefits of cloud hosting is that it provides businesses with great security measures. With everything in the trade from browsing a product to payments being done online, every e-commerce website must be secure from foreign attacks and hackers.

Consumers enter personal information such as their bank details, addresses, and contact number on the website. And they very much rely on the website/application to render high-level privacy to this information. Also, they are looking for secure financial transactions while making payments.

Cloud provides improved security measures to organizations with features like:


  • PCI-DSS certified hosting that is known to be highly secure.
  • Superior security coupled with multiple firewalls to protect your workloads from DDoS attacks.

Inadequate security can cause customers to lose trust in an organization and to stop using their e-commerce application. Thus, it is advisable to enhance security measures by hosting your application on the cloud.

Cloud is More Beneficial Than You Know:

These are merely the 5 primary benefits of cloud that e-commerce gets. When you start hosting your applications on the cloud more, you will certainly come across more benefits. As one of the leading cloud service providers, we, at Sapizon Technologies, recommend you to operate on the cloud from now on.

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